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Masturbation Monday Week 270 Round-Up by Kisungura

Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent is a legitimately amazing writer. She writes about her struggles with mental health, her D/s relationship with her partner, and the erotic, haunting, creative, spooky, riveting fiction stories in her head. I’m always happy to see her when she participates in Masturbation Monday because I know what I’m about to read will be excellent. And this week, she’s picking her three favorite posts of the week!

I’m really honored to be invited to choose my favorite pieces for this week’s Masturbation Monday round up, particularly with such an exciting image by Elliott Henry to tantalize the talented thoughts.

I’m frequently in awe at the variety of responses shared each week; sometimes touching, often personal yet always sexy, imaginative and inspiring and I feel privileged to share my favorite pieces with you all. When I agreed on this week I purposely selected one free of other commitments so I could really focus on reading and commenting on all the submissions. As is often the way life had other plans for me, however, as a number of things converged on me at once and so I feel I must apologize for being unable to comment as I had originally planned. Please know that I read each piece carefully and enjoyed and considered every word crafted.

As always, the standard of submissions this week was particularly high and I had some tough decisions to make in narrowing my initial choice of 5 down to a final 3. I wanted to include pieces that were on topic for the prompt image and featured a combination of personal experiences and erotic fiction.

So, in no particular order, here are my top three.

Rush Hour by Kristan X

I have to admit I have a bit of an erotic stranger encounter kink and this heady tale of the power of touch and unexpected stolen moments of consensual anonymous intimacy certainly gripped and held my attention, just as much as the faceless rush hour stranger did the protagonist. The friction between the unspoken social norm of self imposed isolation in such close proximity to others and the clawing need for human contact was palpable. I think Kristan X did a fabulous job of pulling the reader into that tight space, holding them there like an unassuming bystander, whilst silent mutual needs were briefly but powerfully met.

He grabbed her wrist, and her own hand found his hip. She felt something inside her invert itself. The forbidden thing: touch. All these thousands of people streaming through narrow tunnels, tiny trains – all of them studiously avoiding contact. And yet, as easily as an accident, here was touch…Keep reading.

More Than My Last Twenty by Brigit Delaney

I always thoroughly appreciate a cleverly written story with a well constructed and unexpected twist in the tale, as you know if you read my fiction, and I thought Brigit’s piece provided just that. The visceral erotic descriptions of desire and need, whilst pushing boundaries and playing to the expectations of the crowd, contrasted nicely with the lighthearted playful denial of the performer. I could sense the growing hunger of the lead character and didn’t immediately expect the familiar intimacy and erotic foreplay game that wrapped up the conclusion successfully, making me want to devour the details of exactly what happens next.

The women behind me screamed in response, egging him on, wishing they were me as he undulated against me, every muscle taut and slippery, dry humping my face. I opened my mouth against him, wrapping my lips around his hard, thick cock, and he pulled away, looking down at me, wagging his finger at me, his mouth forming a silent “ah ah ah” – his flirtatious way of saying “you aren’t allowed to do that here.” Keep reading.

Explorers by Nikki

I always find myself relating to Nikki’s pieces that so eloquently and honestly describe her wonderful journey of discovery and development, both sexually and personally. Explorers had me nodding along in agreement and recognition of the power of intimate shared experiences and the wonderful potential of peeling back layers to reveal undiscovered desires to partners and examine the meanings and potential of such exploration. I particularly love the portrayal of that deep level of learning and the drive to explore needs, kinks and possibilities without shame or hesitation and I’ll admit I wanted to high five Nikki with tears in my eyes at this.

It’s about sharing new experiences together, new firsts, new feelings, getting to shape our story the way we want to. To do what feels good and right for us. To share our passion for exploring with someone else who is passionate about exploring. When I started fantasizing it was this abstract form attached to this silicone cock, now, the fantasy continues until we all fall asleep together cuddled up, content, warm and happy. I look forward to whatever the future holds. No matter which direction we go with it, it’s bound to be fucking sexy. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Elliott Henry for providing the sexy inspiration this week! To find your favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 270.

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