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Masturbation Monday Week 271 Round-Up

It’s me, your friendly sex blogging meme hostess, doing the round-up again. Not for any particular reason. Unless being disorganized and not reaching out to other bloggers to see if they’d be interested counts as a reason. (It totally, totally should.) That being said, I’m always glad for a reason to highlight smut I love, so I’m also very happy to be here this week.

The stories I picked touched some part of my smutty nature — either through fantasy or reality.

A Mind Set Racing by Jupiter Grant

Not gonna lie — I make up stories in my head all the time. I see something random in the street, and I wonder how it got there. Before I know it, I’ve crafted an entire story with a plausible explanation. But I’ve never come up with an erotic explanation before — which, after reading this, needs to change.

As I near the rubbish bins, I notice a wad of stripey cloth dumped on the ground. Hmm, a man’s undershorts. Interesting. What’s happened here? I wonder, a wry smile curling my lips. Probably just a hole in a garbage bag, leading to an unfortunate spillage of its contents. Perhaps an accident involving an over-full bladder on the way back to the pub? There are any number of scenarios that could have led to these undies appearing beside the recycling bins. But my dirty mind starts to concoct something hot and exciting, a fantasy fuck-fest that led to this pair of underwear being torn off in the heat of passion and discarded like yesterday’s rubbish. Keep reading.

The Bright Side by Ria Restrepo

Not only am I that annoyingly cheery person who always tries to look on the bright side, I would love to be the type of person who talked to handsome strangers. Better yet, I wish I could be the person who propositioned a handsome stranger, took him back to my office, and built a new friendship based on fuckery and sexy shenanigans.

He was an attractive man, a little older than me—maybe in his mid-thirties. I thought he might work in one of the nearby office buildings, because he was always dressed in business casual. But his golden-brown hair was a little long and there was always a day’s worth of stubble on his strong jaw. I never thought I liked the scruffy look, but on him it was hot. Keep reading.

Slutty Fantasy: Fiery Torture by Deviant Succubus

In different ways with slightly different actions, this gang bang, be of use and be used fantasy hits all my darkest hot buttons. Men I hardly (or don’t) know, barely held back by my partner’s power and control, taking what they want, causing pleasurable pain, using me like a dirty slut? Uhhhh, where do I sign up?

The smokey air of the burning fire made me feel a bit dizzy, in a cozy and comfortable way. We had been sitting around the flames for a while now, the four of us. Drinking beer and sharing stories of out past, I had observed the men, wondering if and when they would start to make a move. I knew it was no coincidence that I was out here with them, in the woods. Just a fire and a shed. Martin had been my play partner for a while and he knew I liked sexual adventures, that I liked it rough, that I wanted to please. Surely that was why I was here, to please? I looked at Martin. His brown eyes looked sparkly in the light of the colourful flames. Keep reading.

A big thanks to the fabulous Quinn Rhodes for providing the smutty inspiration for this week. To find your favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 271!

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