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Masturbation Monday Week 272 Round-Up by Daire Faust

We’re getting to the end of the year, and fatigue and stress have kicked in full force. How do I know? I had to take to Twitter and ask the sex blogging community for their help — or you might not have had a round-up this week! Daire Faust (aka The Smut Geek) is one of the amazing people who stepped up to help ON REALLY SHORT NOTICE, and I am so grateful to her and everyone else who responded (you’ll see them here over the next several weeks and months).

“What are you thinking about?” Was the questioned asked for this week’s Masturbation Monday, accompanying a tantalizing shot by May More featuring a gloved hand. Looking at that photo I could practically feel the leather grazing my skin before delivering blissful sadism.

The stories this week were a delicious feast inspired by that prompt and I am both excited and torn about being the one to decide on three for the roundup – they were all so good. What shocked me though, more than anything, is that 2 of my picks this week weren’t my usual fictional fantasy. Instead, to my surprise, I chose nonfiction, posts that got my brain off as well as my body!

So Long, Subby Boys by Violet Fawkes

So Long, Subby Boys by Violet Fawkes caught my attention with the featured picture (I’m a sucker for keys). While Masturbation Monday is, for me, usually a time to lose myself in fantasies, this autobiographical post spoke to my own reality. As a switch that spends more time on one side of the D/s spectrum than the other, I can relate to feeling like I’ve been missing so much in my kink relationships by not taking time to explore that other side. I can also deeply relate to feelings of burn out and not-enough-ness. This was an emotionally masturbatory post and I am so grateful that Violet shared it – so it definitely gets one of my picks.

One of the perks of my poly life is hashing out thoughts and feelings on kink and relationships with The Evergreens. Recently, RL and I talked about my circuitous path into and through kink and my ongoing frustrations with Femdom, dating subby guys and all the challenges that I experienced. It’s been a world that has been so exciting and fulfilling, but moreover it has been disheartening and upsetting, and on the whole, I just don’t think I want to be anyone’s Dominant ever again. I know that sounds very definitive and like “famous last words” but for now, it’s really how I feel. The break up with LoverBoy broke me in a way I didn’t expect. And yes, yes, I know that presuming all FLRs in future will be gut-wrenchingly painful is unfair to the myriad sweet, soft, caring, lovely subby dudes out there. To those fine, upstanding and submissive men, I wish you luck and love and that you find the Domme of your dreams, but it won’t be me. Keep reading.

The Ceremony by Deviant Succubus

The Ceremony by DeviantSuccubus because who doesn’t love a hot vampire story? I certainly do! Drusilla Queen of the Vampires is a hot tale of blood, kink, and sex – I am so here for it and this seventh chapter does not disappoint! The good amount of domination in the dialogue of the ceremony followed by a bit of cliff hanger…well, I can’t wait for chapter 8. I’m going to have to go back and re-read the previous chapters in the meantime and encourage you to do so as well.

I stretched my arms and leaned back into the comfortable chair by my desk. My desk, in my office, in my establishment. I was holding a crystal wine glass filled with delicious blood. It was still warm and its sweet energy spread slowly through my body as I devoured it drop by drop. I had never imagined that I would be the one being served, after having worked in my father’s pub for most of my life. But here I was, in the brothel, in Paris, guiding my girls into a life of prosperity and safety. Keep reading.

Littlegem Fan Club by Purple Sole

Littlegem Fan Club by PurpleSole – consider me signed up! There’s been talk on Twitter about cum shot appreciation and that what was going on in my head when I started reading Purple’s post. Way to make me think about dick pics in a new way and the series of posts and pictures along with the invitation to email your appreciation spurred a whole fantasy full of fap fodder for me – even more so than the porn itself! Yes, I love the photos of littlegem (and plan to let her know in an email as requested in this post) but the request itself as well as this candid point of view on internet smut posts and DM’s…I really appreciate it too.

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to posting pictures online is knowing that once they’re out there, there is no turning back. But for littlegem and I, showing our bodies has been a positive experience and we have been grateful for the feedback we have received. Keep reading.

Thanks to May More (and her partner!) for inspiring this week’s thoughts and posts. To pick your favorite of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 272.

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