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Masturbation Monday Week 273 Round-Up by Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Julie aka Master’s Pleasing Bitch is an absolutely delightful person — and not just because she saved me by doing the round-up during Thanksgiving week (a time when my mind was more on turkey to cook than on smut to read). I have a very clear memory of Julie sitting with me at Eroticon and having tea at a moment when I was a bit wobbly (gotta love anxiety). By the time we were done, I was laughing and feeling more myself again.

And if (as she says below) doing the round-up inspires more writing from her, then I will be delighted. The glimpses into her life and thoughts that she shares are always worth a read! A big, massive, HUGE thanks to Julie this week! 

It’s been a while since I last did the round up for Masturbation Monday, so I was pleased to take up Kayla’s request when she asked. I don’t contribute enough but reading this week’s posts has certainly inspired me. There were some fabulous posts, fiction and nonfiction, a great mix. If you want to read more, but struggle to find the time volunteering for the round up is a great way to do so. Plus, along the way you find new blogs to read and old friends to catch up with. Can you tell I enjoyed the task this week?

 A Little Early Skiing by ET Costello

I was hooked into this from the beginning. The scene is set from the first line – Gone for a little early skiing. I was with V all the way as she cleaned then decided to make use of her absent hosts hospitality. The description of V’s clothes, their removal and the shower space are fabulous. Then, the arrival of the daughter of the house with the line “Mum? You’re not Mum” meant I had to read to the end, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This is a long piece, but it is just so fabulous. It is edited so that there is suspense in just the right places and in sections so that you could leave and come back (if you hadn’t felt the need to read the whole thing straight off). The twists and turns of the dialogue and actions between V and Percy are great and also pretty hot. And I’m not someone who is always into ff erotica.

V stewed over the text, marinating it in her resentment as she trudged up the sweep of drive to the house. Greenhaw sat as smug and implacable as ever. The sunny stone facade lording it over the village below. At least the bloody Jack wasn’t flying today. Because nobody was ‘in residence.”

Cunts. Keep reading.

Room 26 Pearce (A life of pleasure part 2) by Submissy

Missy doesn’t write fiction often, but she should. I’d somehow missed part 1 of this story and of course had to back and read before reading this extremely erotic post again. Not surprisingly I am a bit of a sucker for anything involving domination, submission control, and orgasms. This piece has them all.

How amazing to be one of the few people in the world who, through their highly controlled orgasms produces the power for their dystopian world. I love the descriptions of how Pierce controls his submissive and how she struggles to remain still in the face of such extreme torture from the wand. I really hope Missy writes some more in this series as this was wonderful. Sexy, erotic and very hot indeed.

Pearce was one of the best Harnessers at the Citadel, well in Asha’s opinion anyway. He always seemed to catch her off guard and managed to get under her skin and into her head without her knowing it was about to happen. He understood her submissive tendencies and was every bit the Dom. He had power play down to a fine art, and although she was in the position she was outside of work, she just melted for Pearce every time.  She tried not to think of it really, it felt like weakness, but then all of this did a little bit. Keep reading.

Primal Scream by Deviant Succubus

The way Deviant Succubus describes this whole scene makes you feel like a voyeur present in the room. You can sense the interplay between dominant and submissive as she wills him to touch, to play and to make use of his toy.  Moment by moment, the suspense builds as his fingers and hands to the work, fucking her. Then finally the wand to extract that much awaited orgasm. The control of one over another, the raw and primal nature of the piece fly from the readers screen.

I love writing that makes me want to be in the room. That makes me want to be one of the characters in the story. Because whether fiction or a retelling of an actual event that is how it needs to feel, and this does.

I am watching you. I want you to touch me. I want you to hurt me. I want you to torture me. But I wait. I am the prey that wants to be caught, not the predator waiting to attack. I am watching you and I know you feel my eyes on you. You always know what I am doing. You are always observing me. You can sense any change in me. You gently place the empty glass on the counter, turn around, look at me and then slowly walk toward me. You smile and your eyes tell me where your happiness comes from. You want to play with me. And your toy eagerly awaits your commands. Keep reading.

Thank you to my dear friend Molly Moore for providing this week’s inspiration. To find your favorite post, go to Masturbation Monday Week 273.

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