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Masturbation Monday Week 274 Round-Up by Hubby’s Place

For all the problems with Twitter and the internet, in general, it does a few things quite well. Like helping you discover who you are and letting you connect with people you’d otherwise never meet. Hubby’s Place kindly volunteered to do the Masturbation Monday round-up for me this week, which lead to a great conversation, and getting to know someone I’d never have met without Twitter. And if you read his Twitter bio, you’ll see he’s definitely discovering exactly who he is — as are we all!

The Aerobics Class by Asrai Devin

This brings the characters, and likely you, from sexual tension to release. The setting is sultry. You will see one character move from being full of nerves to having her nerves stimulated. The ending is a nice touch.

The job was easy: Teach aerobics to a bunch of bored suburban housewives who had nothing better to do with their day than gossip, workout, and spend their husband’s money. Jen didn’t have to create the routines, the instructor who called in sick left everything planned. Keep reading.

Toy’s Story by Blue Submission

If you enjoy creating a character’s image, this is a delightful read. The images are vivid. The play is hot, like a good toy. The content might even surprise you.

Toys are meant to be beautiful, molded and crafted just for our pleasure. Their shiny plastic, brightly colored silicone and swirling glass surfaces were made just to make us ordinary people feel good. Keep reading.

Candy-cane striped stockings and a teasing fuck by Quinn Rhodes

This story packs in a lot. Some BDSM, holiday theme, gender-neutral pronouns, struggling, and of course fucking. This one comes right at you. Hot from start to finish. You should have a good finish.

She’s naked apart from her stockings. Her thigh-high, candy-cane striped stockings, that she know makes them want to fuck her. She’s waiting for them, smirking slightly. It’s her non-verbal request for them to fuck her up, and they’re only too happy to oblige. Keep reading.

Thanks to Focused and Filthy for providing the festive and smutty inspiration this week. To find your favorite story, go to Masturbation Monday Week 274!

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