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Masturbation Monday Week 275 Round-Up by Steeled Snake

The sex blogging community is both bigger and smaller than we imagine. Bigger in that a LOT more people share their sexy thoughts, experiences, and fantasies online than we realize. Smaller in that, eventually, you’ll bump into (consensually and figuratively) people you’ve known about but not known.

As a previously frequent reader of Wicked Wednesday, I’d read plenty of posts by both Steeled Snake and Steel Charmer (the duo behind Steeled Snake) — and always enjoyed every word. But it’s only been in the past few months that they’ve joined in with Masturbation Monday on a regular basis. I am delighted that they’re sharing their sexy and kinky perspectives with this corner of the smutty universe. And now Snake is picking this week’s top three! It’s a masturbatory (and holiday) miracle! (Not really, but let me have my joy.)

I was amazed at how many great posts there are! So much amazing, sexy, hot content to look through – from pictorials to personal stories and fantasy.  Incredible.  I’m so glad I was allowed to help look through entries and pick a few favorites, but it’s a shame I couldn’t pick so many more!  Here are three that stood out… so to speak.

Hush by Kristan X

I loved the elicit nature of this, and the stop/start – and the whole “have to be silent” thing to hopefully prevent being caught is very hot!

When we fuck in his office we have to be silent. Not just quiet, but silent. He bites my lip when he kisses me and I stifle the cry that rises up my throat. Not more than a metre away, on the other side of the wall, the corridor is filled with a babble of voices and footsteps. Jostling students queue up, fat and clumsy in their winter coats; a hundred file out of the adjacent lecture theatre and a hundred more wait to file in. Keep reading.

I got that Dominant Feeling by Francesca Demont

This was fun from all sorts of perspectives, I love it when Dominant feelings and tendencies wash over someone unexpectedly and they go with it… And of course piercings…

And, yet, when I saw his piercing, I was so turned on that another side of me emerged. His piercing made him vulnerable. What if I tugged on it? Would it hurt? Even when I gave him a nice blow job, feeling his piercing pushing inside my mouth, I could not resist squeezing my lips gently around his head and piercing, as he pulled his hard cock out. His vulnerability gave me power that I had never experienced that way before. Keep reading.

I can fuck you without touching you by Quinn Rhodes

I’ve long been a fan of mind games and seeing just what you can do to really get someone else going (or get yourself going) from a conversation, a suggestion, a command… this is right. there.  Great post!

I don’t feel sexy when I let him into my flat on Tuesday afternoon. I’m wearing a too-big t-shirt and dark green knickers that I usually pair with a matching bra, and I haven’t washed my hair in four days. I let him kiss me, but step back as his hand goes to grope my ass, explaining that even clothes touching my body hurts right now. Predictably, he smirks. Keep reading.

Thanks to JerBear for getting/keeping us in the spirit of holiday smut! To find your favorite story of the week, check out Masturbation Monday Week 275!

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