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Masturbation Monday Week 276 Round-Up by Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl is a relative newcomer to Masturbation Monday, but she’s someone I hope we all see more of in the coming year! I am so thankful she agreed to do the round-up this week and will enjoy watching her grow as a blogger and writer! 

This is only the third time I have participated in Masturbation Monday, mainly because when I read the submissions each week I am blown away by how amazing they are and I figure I couldn’t write anything that good.  But, I have started to take part more regularly and I hope that by doing so, I will one day write as well as the amazing bloggers I see here every single week.

When Kayla asked for people to do the weekly roundup I was eager to volunteer, to be a part of this fantastic meme.  So without further ado, here are my favourite posts as chosen by my wet panties 🙂

The Thirteen Spanks of Christmas by Violet Fawkes

This tale by Violet pushed so many buttons for me, control, spanking and naughtiness.  From the first sentence I was right there, her misbehavior and his catching her out.  The funishment was delightful and put me in the mood for some fun.

I hear her voice, lilting and crystalline from the living room, superimposed over Eartha Kitt’s as I descend the stairs.

“Babe? I’m having my Advent calendar chocolate!” she calls over her shoulder.

She plucks the tiny wooden drawer from the ornately carved calendar and turns, startled to see me, the red foil around the piece of chocolate already opened by her greedy fingers, her lips parted. She looks like a guilty child for just a moment, and then she grins. Keep reading.

Sexy Sleigh Ride by SubMissy

I am a big fan of SubMissy’s writing and the way she narrates her life experiences always pulls me in. I could picture her waiting for HisLordship in order to offer him the sleigh ride.  And, the events that unfold from there are HOT!

Number 14 of our advent calendar was ‘Sexy sleigh ride home – driver is missy in underwear.’ What could possible go wrong?  HL was off on a night out in town and the plan was for me to collect him and drive him home in only my underwear. Sounded simple enough, but my daughter said she would come with me, so back to the drawing board. I don’t like to let HL down, and we are already a little behind with out gifts so I didn’t want this to be another that became a rain cheque, so I came up with an alternative which turned out rather well. Keep reading.

An Elf’s Sexy Adventure by Deviant Succubus

I adored the fantasy that Deviant weaves in this tale.  Waking up from a fall somewhere else and being free to experience a sexy adventure; the twist at the end that suggests it was real. It definitely turned me on!

She waved goodbye to her colleagues and started walking down the dark street. The ground was wet and slippery. With each step she took, the small bell at the end of her hat was making a sound. She sighed, stopped, took the hat off her head and stuffed it into her backpack. What a day it had been! Working as an elf at the mall, helping Santa take care of children, entertaining adults who had tried too many samples of mulled wine. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Purple’s Gem for providing the sexy holiday prompt! To find your favorite story of the week, go to Masturbation Monday Week 276!

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