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Masturbation Monday Week 277 Round-Up by Quinn Rhodes

A big thanks to Quinn Rhodes to doing the round-up this week. It’s not easy finding time in a busy holiday to read smut, and I’m grateful for her help. As she always writes excellent smut herself, I’m excited to discover her favorites, too — and to see how they inspire her sexy words in the year ahead.

Christmas isn’t the easiest time of year for me, but this year I’ve tried to add a little more filth into my usual festive traditions – so I jumped at the chance to do Masturbation Monday roundup this week. There were so many brilliant smutty stories that week that choosing was really hard, though I definitely had a LOT of fun reading them all thoroughly. The three I’ve chosen are all dark and twisted and have inspired me to push myself and write more perverted filth in the coming year.

All Yours by Zebra Rose

Zebra Rose has really been spoiling us with her recent flurry of filthy blog posts, and this one was especially good. It almost hurt with how darkly delicious the dynamics in it were, all control and submission and forced orgasms. Zebra Rose is an expert at weaving together pleasure and pain in a tale that makes me desperate to be fucked – though I know I couldn’t take the pain and humiliation with as much grace as the protagonist does.

“He wants to see you. Downstairs.”

Grace’s tone is ominous, a current of dark humour running beneath the surface, echoing the red trim on her gleaming black PVC catsuit. ‘Downstairs’ means the cellar, a tiny windowless room that he and I spent several sweat-soaked and dusty weekends converting for our particular entertainment purposes. Now, with black gloss on the brickwork and foam tiles on the floor, it’s the perfect home for our favourite toys. Keep reading.

Merchandise by Kristan X

Confession: I barely breathed while reading this piece. Kristian’s skillful words sucked me into the scene, and for a second it was me standing there, being shown to a customer. The vulnerability and degradation in being presented like that made me squirm with lust, and for everything explicitly shared even more is implied, and every word – down to how the protagonist “vocalizes” when used – seemed to speak directly to my cunt.

You keep your gaze lowered until you’re spoken to directly. It’s a rule you really struggled with at the start of your training, but which comes as second nature now… along with everything else: stand up straight, hands behind your back, eyes down, shoulders loose. You don’t move a muscle as the two men pace around you. Keep reading.

Nasty Snow Angel by Deviant Succubus

Piss play, piss play! I don’t make a secret of the fact that having to beg to be allowed to pee is a huge kink of mine, so this story had a direct line to my very wet knickers. This story is so, so hot, burning with shame (being told to beg and then beg better to humiliate yourself? Mmmff) even though it’s set outside in the snow. And it finishes with orgasms and after care, which is definitely how I’d need a scene like that to finish.

It is so cold. I stop walking. I don’t want to make another move. I want to disappear into myself and find warmth. I need something soothing that covers my exposed body.

“Why did you stop?”, he turns around and looks at me. The flashlight from his camera goes straight into my eyes and I can’t see anything for a few seconds. “Move. Or are you defying orders?” – “No, Sir, it is just …. it is very cold.” Keep reading.

A big thanks to Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent for providing the Christmasy and sexy inspiration this week! To find your favorite story, head to Masturbation Monday Week 277!

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