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Masturbation Monday Week 278 Round-Up by Lascivious Lucy

I adore Lascivious Lucy’s writing — OMG, check it out! There’s always something fantastical and other worldly about it, and it always makes me want more. This week, I am also SO grateful to her for doing the round-up. 

I’m always flattered when Kayla asks me to choose the weekly roundup. There were, as always, so many great stories submitted in response to the GORGEOUS image from May More and Eye.

The Experiment Part I by Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle Lauren’s short piece hits so many of my buttons. I love sharing fantasies, and this couple had one hell of a sexy fantasy. And I love love love the conversation between the couple. First, the dialogue is so realistic and thoughtful – and still hot. Second, I love communication in erotica – I want to know what people are thinking and feeling, but I want them to share it with each other.

Even if the fantasy never happens (but I really hope it does), the orgasm inspired by the fantasy is one hot read.

A whimper escaped me. I hadn’t known how much I wanted this, but the picture Sir planted in my head was delicious and arousing. I had never been pleasured by more than one person. I had never been with a woman before. And Sir was casually talking about this as if it was no big deal. Keep reading.

So. Elfin’. Soxy. by Mrs. Fever

Ms. Fever manages to be funny and sexy in this story. The story is charming with its realism and funny without trying too hard. Of course, the sexy bits are sexy too. Also, I love the attention to the form of this story – the line breaks, asides, and even footnotes all add to the fun feeling of the story.


And he was all, “Oooooh… Come here, little elf!”

Which was pretty much the response I’d counted on. Only I hadn’t counted on being expected to move from my pose. So it took me a sec to figure out my strategy, and then I decided if I just took tiny hoppy steps toward where he was sitting, I could *keep* my Ta-Da! pose. Keep reading.

Giving Him Her Panties as a Present by Quinn Rhodes

Quinn Rhodes delivers a smoking hot femdom/denial-ish story. I love getting to peek inside a character’s head, and the protagonist of this story pushing out of her comfort zone to try something new and wonderfully sexy adds so much to this story. The lead up to the sex delightfully teases the reader as much as the characters.

Hearing him beg is incredibly hot, but she’s not ready to indulge him just yet, she sits back to inspect the tip of his cock for pre-come and admire the veins that are standing out beautifully. She sucks the head of his dick for a minute – just enough for him to relax, thinking she’s going to blow him – and then goes back to slicking his cock with her cunt’s wetness. He growls with frustration. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Eye and May More for helping us ring in 2020 and celebrate the end of 2019! To find your favorite post for last week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 278.

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