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Masturbation Monday Week 279 Round-Up By Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle Lauren is both an erotic author (with a new book that just came out if you need more smut to read!) and a sex blogger. Her blog is filled with her thoughts, experiences, and insights. Her posts are insightful and thought-provoking. I’m so glad she’s joined us this week for the round-up!

I am really honored to be asked to do the second Masturbation Monday round up of the year. There were a lot of entries this week (31!) and it was really, really hard to pick only 3. I’m always amazed at the quality of writing – and the variety – among sex bloggers. These three picks are my personal favorite, because they all spoke to me in different ways.

Welcome to the Polycoaster by Tristan of Love is a Fetish

I know that Nikki and Tristan have wanted to explore polyamory for quite a while now. Tristan wrote this post for Love Is a Fetish and it’s raw and emotional. I love how he expressed his feelings throughout his first polyam experience. His honesty and vulnerability are so wonderful to read.

Polyamory is among the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But it’s worth it. I could regale you with filthy tales. I could tell you all about the dirty things the three of us have gotten up to since our deliciously filthy New Year’s Eve party. But my polyamory experience has been about so much more than just great sex.

It’s about letting the light shine through so it can burn away the hurt. Love is the only real thing in this world, I’m so blessed to be filled with it right now. Keep reading.

Fucking Painful by Francesca Demont

I’m not into the idea of pain-as-pleasure as I’ve suffered from chronic pain too much to want to self-inflict pain on top of it. But I loved Francesca’s blog post describing how she uses pain to achieve the most amazing out-of-body orgasms ever. It almost makes me want to try the same thing, especially when reading the following extract:

Fear, pain, isolation, and stimulation. The rest is in my mind. The blindfold focuses everything on my pussy and my pain. I own the pain, I do it to myself. The closer I get, the more pain I want. Of course, I could free myself, but my mind is now set on a track where that is no longer an option. If my neighbor walked in, I wouldn’t notice. Keep reading.

Handywoman Part II by Asrai Devin

I couldn’t do a roundup without including at least one piece of fiction. I really enjoyed reading Asrai Devin’s Handywoman Part II. I love how she changed the stereotypes and I really liked both the handywoman and her client. I particularly like the way both Jillian and Ryan want to take control of the situation, which is both sexy and funny.

Each moment went faster, harder until he fucked her like she demanded. She was so close, her moans pitching higher in song, need spiralling in her. “Say my name,” he growled against her ear. “Beg me.” He pushed his hips to hers, pressing her against the bed, body still.

“You’ll have to tell me your name first,” she confessed, not caring about shoulds. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Little Switch Bitch for providing this week’s sexy inspiration! To find your favorite post of the week, go to Masturbation Monday Week 279.

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