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Masturbation Monday Week 280 Round-Up by Amy Norton

I am so, so, SO excited to have Amy Norton of Coffee and Kink to pick the top Masturbation Monday posts this week! I’ve known Amy for a couple of years, worked with her in a sex-writerly-professional capacity and ranted and raved over drinks with her in London, and she’s AMAZING! Also, her smut’s better than she realizes, and her insights on the kink and poly life are always spot-on and helpful. And now, she’s here! 

Picking the top 3 posts for Masturbation Monday is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, there is always so much delicious smut to read, and who could fail to enjoy that? On the other, it’s always so difficult to pick just three that stand out the most! The sex blogging community is filled with diverse, talented and brilliant voices.

By definition these round-ups will be subjective. What works for me might not work for you, and what works for you might not work for the next person. With that said, let’s dive in to my three favourites this week…

This Is Not A Game by Deviant Succubus

Anyone who has read my work for more than four seconds will be aware that orgasm control is my absolute number one kink. Therefore how could I fail to enjoy this delicious vignette of edging, denial and forced orgasms? DS beautifully captures the frustration of denial, the desire to please your Dominant, the desperation and all-consuming thoughts of sex that set in around day 2, and the mix of agony and bliss that is forced orgasm. Just so hot.

He rarely does that. Control my orgasms. There is a certain pleasure in seeing your partner twitch in ecstasy, watching them lose control over their body and mind, and knowing that you have caused them to feel that way. Unless you are after another sort of pleasure: the sadistic pleasure in watching your submissive writhe and squirm in need for relief. You observe their frustrated moans, the way they try to guide you towards their orgasm. And you smile. And you laugh. And your bathe in their pain, a pain that you have caused, caused by the control you have over their sexual pleasure. Keep reading.

Fuck the Pain Away by Mx Nillin

Nillin is a brilliant writer. Their voice is by turns vulnerable, funny and sexy, and always honest. This piece explores using sex – specifically some “GREAT queer non monogamous group sex” – to manage the ongoing pain of their recent break up. This one really spoke to me; I’ve also used sex in this way at various times in my life, and often found it tremendously helpful in dealing with emotional pain. And despite the vulnerability of this piece, Nillin doesn’t skimp on the sexy details. Their description had me almost feeling like I was in that room (and wishing I was!)

Last night was SO fucking good for my soul, y’all. Couldn’t have come at a better time either because lately I’ve been isolating a lot, not looking after my wellness, and really struggling with hurt because breakups are fucking awful and I really haven’t been doing okay lately. Keep reading.

Making You Wait by Violet Grey

Those who read my blog won’t be surprised to know I love Violet’s work – she guest blogged for me a few months ago. I particularly loved this piece because it played with two themes I love: sexual teasing, and female sexual power. This simple story, of teasing a lover by stripping and masturbating in front of him without letting him touch you, wonderfully portrays the kind of raw, sensual power-trip that comes from knowing that someone wants you SO desperately… but can only have you on your terms. And it’s sexy as fuck.

What if I told you, you couldn’t touch me? What if I told you just to watch? What if I told you that I’m naked, bare for you, pleasuring myself for you, but you couldn’t do a thing about it? Keep reading.

A big thanks to Marie Rebelle for inspiring this week’s smut. To find your favorite story, head to Masturbation Monday Week 280!

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