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Masturbation Monday Week 281 Round-Up by Darling Nikki

I am so happy to welcome Nikki from Love is a Fetish to this week’s round-up. I got to know Nikki through the gorgeous pictures she shared throughout 2019 for Masturbation Monday, and I look forward to what she shares going forward. 

Yay! This is my first Masturbation Monday roundup for 2020 and what a sexy way to start a year. I’ve had a pretty sexy start to my personal life this year as well, which I look forward to sharing more of as I process all the yumminess that has been my January!

I always struggle narrowing these down to just three selections, and this time was no different. I even thought I had it figured out, but realized I still had five pieces I loved on the list. Doh. In the end though, no posts were harmed in the trimming down.

I’m good at sex, it’s the relationship parts I can’t do by EL Byrne

Fuck no! Not all of us! I was so terrified when I fell for my partner, Tristan, I’d never felt more insecure and afraid of losing something in my life. It got easier. I seriously related to so much of this piece. I appreciated how you said self-awareness was tough, admitting to yourself that you have some unhealthy behaviors and coping mechanisms isn’t comfortable. But I love to hear how you are pushing through and letting it all in. You’re a rockstar, through and through, E. L. And you deserve all the good!

It seems to me that when “most people” meet someone with whom they want to spend the rest of their life, they are relieved. “Finally! I’ve found the person who will be with me through it all!” Keep reading.

Late Bloomer by Violet Fawkes

Girrrrl. I felt all of this. I too have struggled with my femininity for some similar reasons. I appreciate how you included all of the good, positive, forward thinking statements to accompany the negative one. Brilliant. It’s awesome to see people implementing therapeutic tools to improve their lives and mental health.

How am I in my late thirties and only now beginning to feel comfortable when expressing my love of florals and pink lipstick? Keep reading.

Unrequited Lusts by Victoria Blisse

From beginning to end, this piece of literary art from Victoria Blisse had me nodding my head saying “fuck YES! Yes! Yes to that too!” It left me wanting to hug her, agree with her and thank her, because having some self worth and confidence when I was younger would have steered me in some happier directions. Better late than never! The time to slut it up is now.

But you see
That was all in my head.
The hate,
The dread. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Haiku (@19Syllables) for inspiring this week’s smut, wanking, and orgasms. To find your favorite post of the week, check out Masturbation Monday Week 281!

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