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Masturbation Monday Week 282 Round-Up by Little Switch Bitch

You may recognize Little Switch Bitch around here, but in a slightly different form. Normally her sexy image gives us all inspiration to wank or write (sometimes both!). This week, she’s here to pick her three favorite posts of the week!

Extracts From a User Manual by Kristan X

I have never read anything quite like this before – I think the whole concept is brilliant. I kinda want a user manual myself now! I feel it would have so many benefits especially when I feel shy and don’ wanna ask… *hands over manual* Yeah – I could certainly see that working 😉

It was, more than anything else, a joke. A gift for a fuckbuddy on Valentine’s Day: sixteen pages printed and saddle stitched into a glossy brochure. Her very own user manual, detailing her sexual proclivities, abilities, desires, and strengths. Keep reading.

Icy Cool Sex by Asrai Devin

This is all kinds of hot – while I most definitely hate ice/cold – I love it when we use it for playtime. The combination of hot and cold really works for me and Asrai has nailed the feelings I experience – yummy! And it was just about women so I got all the lusty feels while I read it too! Bonus.

His Words by Violet Grey

While the word “Daddy” isn’t a kink of mine, babygirl stuff – well that kinda is, I’m still discovering. I just found these words and the whole scene hot AF – it utterly melted me actually. And of course, nipple play – so much want for twisty nipple play! So much want for all that, right now!

Those words. Those words melt me every single time. The way he comes up behind me, caresses my hair over my shoulder, placing gentle, possessive kisses along the back of my neck. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Zebra Rose for providing the amazing inspiration for this week’s one-handed reads. To find your favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 282.

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