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Masturbation Monday Week 283 Round-Up by Rose Monrou

I first met Rose Monrou at Eroticon (back in 2017), and we had a bit of a fangirl moment, if memory serves. She was lovely and fun to hang out with. And I’m so glad she agreed to do the round-up this week! 

Kayla asked me to do this weeks round up for Masturbation Monday, and I’m quite happy to do so. I didn’t realize how hard it is to pick only 3 out of the whole lineup. On my first walk through of the list, I ended up with 12 favorites. So here goes my top 3:

Bored Stiff by Ria Restrepo

First time reading this, I found it very hot and could imagine the scene immediately in my head. It captured my attention and imagination and it just didn’t let it go.

Stuck in another pointless work meeting, I was irritated and bored—not a good combination for me. The only saving grace saving was that I was sitting across from the love of my life. Unfortunately, because of a strict no-fraternization policy, we had to keep our relationship on the down-low. Keep reading.

I Spy with My Little Eye: A Fairy Ring of Vulvas by Violet Fawkes

The picture drew in my attention and the writing resonated with me. I also struggle with focus and attention and loved how Violet described her struggle with it. Also, who doesn’t like a ring of vulvas?

It feels good to be working so hard on this blog and in the freelance world. It’s not an absolute deluge of opportunities, but they are coming in consistently and it feels good to be at a place where my week legitimately needs planning to get done what needs doing. I don’t miss the corporate life, and I wouldn’t trade my sunny bedroom-office for all the boardrooms and skyscrapers in the world. Keep reading.

Escalation by Discovering Kink

I loved the build up in this story and for me, how it stuck to being realistic. That it is good to know your limit and to have it respected. Loved how trust and respect was key but it also was sexy to read. Consent is sexy!

Candlelight is the only illumination in the room, but I can still easily make out the expression on Isabella’s face as she sits on the edge of the bed. It’s a mixture of both trepidation and confusion that never fails to stir my dominant instincts. The look is a response to my latest suggestion; my plan to bring her out of her recent funk. I’ve noticed that she has been drifting of late – unfocussed, flighty and unable to maintain tasks. I’ve allowed it to continue somewhat, empowering her to find her way out of the labyrinth of her mind, but the time has come to take control. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Purple Sole (of Purple’s Gem) for the sexy inspiration this week. Find your favorite story, head to Masturbation Monday Week 283!

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