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Masturbation Monday Week 284 Round-Up by Jae Lynn

I’m so excited to have Jae Lynn of Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind to do the round-up for Masturbation Monday! Every time she joins with a post, it’s a delight to read. Sexy goodness, thoughtful pieces, all are great! And now, she’s sharing her top picks with us for the week!

I was very excited to do the Roundup this week as it meant some quality couch time and the ability to do the one thing I love the most…read! I love erotica in just about any form and getting to know a few of the talented writers in this neck of the woods has fed my desire for more stories.

It may seem like an easy task but picking only three stories is so hard. I had it narrowed down to four and that last little bugger just didn’t want to budge. I re-read my choices and was forced to nitpick, that’s how close and how hard this was.

Wobbling The Universe by Ten Ways To Touch

This story was presented in an interesting way. When they wrote the story it was playing out in their head like a short Pixar film, and that is exactly what I saw when I read it.

I relish the shock, the pause in your step, the hitch in your breath as you round the corner for I am not on my bench today, but on yours. You stand, utterly thunderstruck, and I begin to fear I’ve overstepped. Will you bolt and run, take flight like a startled bird? Then, your shoulders relax, you breath, smile, and walk over. I’ve played this moment a million times in my head…and here it is!…I’ve lost my lines…What to say?!! But you smile, sit down, relish the shock that plays across my face. Keep reading.

Wanted by Dr. J.

This is part of a serial story but it definitely got me hot and bothered as a stand alone. Dr J. describes Conrad and his thoughts so vividly that I felt like I was in the same room watching him.

She wanted to see me kiss Sol again, squeeze his ass. It turned her on. I dug both hands into the bike seat and squeezed. Maybe it was the skin imprints from the recent squeeze or knowing that Sol’s touch was on the leather, but his ass was in my hands and I blew out a hyped-up breath as he said, “I want Conrad, too.” Keep reading.

A Wicked Fantasy by Isabelle Lauren

I’m normally not into age play but this story could convert me. It wasn’t over the top and pushed all the right smutty buttons.

She undid her trench coat and let it drop onto the floor. She was wearing a demure dress underneath, something like what a mom would wear. That little detail pulled me right into the game. I walked up to her and took her hand. Keep reading.

A big thanks to my darling friend Molly Moore for providing the prompt and gently letting me know when I duplicated the prompt! To find your favorite story of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 284!

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