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Masturbation Monday Week 285 Round-Up by Chrisy of Toy for Sir

I met Chrisy, of Toy for Sir, officially at Eroticon 2019 (if you’ve noticed, I tend to meet a lot of sex blogger friends there), and she was an absolute delight. Since then, we’ve worked together, gotten to know each other, and chatted many times. It’s always a delight when she participates in Masturbation Monday, and this week, I’m thrilled to have her pick the top posts of the week!

I am more than excited and honored to do the round up for Masturbation Monday this week! As always, this is a fun but challenging task. All of the submissions were wonderful and they all spoke to me. From Poems to dedications, everyone had amazing stories and things to say.

Dressed Down by Steeled Snake

Sometimes less is more. I loved this so much and I totally agree and feel this way often. The photography was pretty awesome too!

It’s nice to dress up and go out to dinner or dancing or a movie. Keep reading.

Masturbation Studio by Marie Rebelle

Reading Masturbation Studio made me hot and bothered and jealous for all kinds of reasons. I would love to have a studio set up in my home (maybe someday) and the results from this photoshoot with a twist was pretty perfect.

Back when I did my planning for 2020, one of the goals I put in there was to have at least one photo shoot a month. The reason I did this was because I knew I would get used to having a photo studio and weeks might go by without using it. I didn’t want that to happen, since I had been wanting a dedicated place of photos for so long. There I was, on a lazy Sunday, when I grabbed my camera and my phone, and went to the attic room for a photo shoot. February had just started, but I needed more images. Keep reading.

Returning the Collar by Liz Black

I wanted to walk through this with her in the worst way. I would love the opportunity to face my ex-Dom in just this way. I am pretty sure it would have ended the exact same way.

The collar stared at me from the dashboard. I hated the symbol of our relationship. Our broken relationship, I should say. His betrayal had erased all good memories. For that reason, I simply couldn’t have that item in my house anymore. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Francesca Demont for providing this week’s sexy inspiration! To find your favorite story of the week, go to Masturbation Monday Week 285.

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