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Masturbation Monday Week 286 Round-Up by ET Costello

E.T Costello is an amazing writer and artist, and I’ve always enjoyed reading the stories he shares for Masturbation Monday. This week, I’m glad he’s here in another capacity — to pick the top three posts of the week!

It’s been a tough week of parenting and work and weather, so this was a welcome distraction. What I really wanted was to lose the days in some good old-fashioned filth. Visceral stuff in someone else’s voice. Like the touch of someone else’s hand, I found it.

Reliving their Glory Days by Asrai Devin

Lord, but Asrai paints a picture here: I loved the emotional range of this: the disdain for schooldays, the edge of drunkenness, the need. The shattering of her among the stars. Brilliant.

“Sami, the girl with the boy’s name,” was a tired line in elementary, but it followed me to high school. And too many repeated it to me ten fucking years later at our reunion. I knew coming was a mistake, but curiosity caught me. Hadn’t I spent a decade trying to escape this place? Keep reading.

Watching Her by Marie Rebelle

Oh my goodness. Such delicious Dutch filth. Frank and uncomplicated and fast. I loved the interleaving of watcher with the watched, the echoes of herself in the descriptions of the cam girl, until one could almost feel her cunt on one’s own fingers, the rough lace on the back of one’s hand.

I watch as she reaches for the webcam, positioning it to show her naked tits and laced-covered cunt.

Am I the only one watching? How many others has she invited? Keep reading.

The Breadcrumb Trail by Posy Churchgate

But the one that really worked in the deep, needy places of my ghastly week was Posy and her deliciously dirty night out. The tick tock tease between two lovers, the photo in the loos.. Ungfffff. I’ve had to go back a couple of times she pushed my buttons so well. I ask you frankly, dear reader: is there a more sexy phrase than “I’m not wearing any knickers”?

Victoria ascended the stairs in the trendy wine bar feeling slightly giddy on coltish legs. She’d had several rum and Cokes, making the edges of her world blurry in a good way! Keep reading.

A big thanks to Blue Submission for providing the inspiration this week! To find your favorite story, head to Masturbation Monday Week 286!

2 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday Week 286 Round-Up by ET Costello

  1. Ohh thanks Quill, I shall try to dig into your ‘deep needy places’ with my part 2.
    I haven’t read all of this week’s entries so must crack on with that – I too am a sucker for Asrai’s prose and Marie’s cam-girl tale sounds delicious.
    Blue’s woodland image gave me all the feels, and thanks to Kayla for a safe space to share all this sex positive ‘filth’.

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