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Masturbation Monday Week 287 Round-Up by Marie Rebelle

Marie Rebelle has long been a friend of Masturbation Monday (which is wonderful since her meme Wicked Wednesday helped inspire this space  — go check it out and join in!). She’s linked up nearly every week and been a smutty prompt multiple times. But it’s always nice to see her on the other side, picking her favorite stories!

As I read through all the lovely posts that have been linked for Masturbation Monday this week, I realized I wanted to keep my roundup light, because of all the difficult things going on around us at the moment. Therefore, my choices are posts that put a smile on my face, or made me laugh in some or other way. Hang in there, everyone, they say when things are at its darkest, the light is just around the corner.

Hold this for me by Charmer

She certainly has a wicked mind, Charmer, and reading how she put Steeled Snake in the spot to hold those items, put a huge smile on my face. And then to go for a walk…

The band is playing and the lights are flashing blue and purple. We are sitting at the bar and watching people, listening and having a few drinks. Keep reading.

On sale by a mental switch

Where this is about a dominant woman punishing her bratty sub – and the punishment he got is damn sexy – it’s the last line of this story that put a smile on my face!

Ma’am wanted to sell some stuff online. I asked her why she spends so much on shoes, blazers and glitzy accessories in the first place. “How do you know how much I spend anyway? Have you been snooping trough my phone again?” Retail therapy is a bit of a sore spot for her and yes sometimes my mistrust about handling money makes me check her emails. I know that invading her privacy is very wrong. I should have kept my mouth shut and my fingers away from her phone. Keep reading.

The First Sextape I Ever Made by Kristan X

Haven’t we all had those sexy moments where something goes wrong, and all you can do is giggle? Kristan X managed to pull me into the scene with his words, and make me giggle just like his then girlfriend did back then.

We are treated to a momentary blur of colour and sound. The camera lurches from my face to the ceiling to the wall to the floor… then stabilises as I put it down on my bedside table. I adjust it minutely. Keep reading.

A big thanks to The Other Livvy for inspiring our smut this week! To find your favorite story, check out Masturbation Monday Week 287!

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