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Masturbation Monday Week 288 Round-Up by Floss Liddell

If you have not read Floss Liddell’s blog (Floss Does Life), you are missing out. Her erotica (fiction and non-fiction) is hot as fuck. Her more personal posts on different topics are thoughtful, introspective, and just as well-written as her smut. She’s a kind, talented, amazing person and writer, and I’m so glad to have her here with us this week for the Masturbation Monday round-up.

Without fail it is always a pleasure to do the round-up for Masturbation Monday. This week was no exception, reading through your posts with my coffee each morning has definitely given me moments of feeling flustered and wishing my day was starting with something a bit sexier than a hot coffee. Alas, I have to wait for that though, but my top 3 definitely got me eager for the weekend.

Eating Out by Brigit Delaney

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in my time, but I’ve never taken home a dessert quite like this. Brigit’s tale definitely caused some early morning squirming, and I thoroughly enjoyed the very sexy places it took my mind to.

It was an ordinary night, dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant. We liked the place for lots of reasons, an excellent wine list, rich food, decadent desserts; the delicious wait staff was an added bonus. I’d been frequenting the wine bar there since before we’d even met, eyeing the Botticelli boy behind the counter…his slicked back brunette ponytail, chiseled jawline, the clean lines of his white shirt and black slacks. Hazel green eyes, trained to flirt just the right amount with the customers, made me lick my lips, thighs tightening. It was always where I went, for a voluptuous glass of zinfandel and an eyeful of sexual inspiration. Keep reading.

Hot Blowjob Fuck by Blue Submission

This was another level of sexy and quite honestly knowing it was true was absolutely delightful. It was a fabulous account of a sexy threeway and once again it got my pulse racing and my mind extremely flustered.

We text often, sharing fantasies, sexy photos, bringing each other to orgasm with tiny typed out letters on screens the size of our palms. On one such occasion, she told me she wanted Sir to fuck her mouth while I fucked her from behind. I’d just received my new strap-on in the mail, and we wondered about all the different ways we could use it on each other. She described her fantasy to me in detail, how it would make her feel, how hard it would make her come. Keep reading.

A Sinful Social by Quenby aka Depressed Queerdo

I couldn’t quite decide which side of this tale I was getting more turned on by, I think I ended up imagining myself on both sides of the fun, which just meant I got twice as turned on, not only was it sexy, but it was tender too and you can’t beat that.

I smile as ze adjusts the collar, ze look so handsome in hir chinos and the blue checked shirt. I shift my weight, rolling off the armchair I’m sprawled upon and walking up behind hir, picking up the pink tie on the dresser and wrap it round hir neck. I watch hir eyes in the mirror as I form a neat knot with deft practiced hands, sharing this intimate, tender moment. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Monstrous Jaffa for this week’s intimate and sexy inspiration! To find your favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 288!

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