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Masturbation Monday Week 290 Round-Up by Violet Fawkes

I love reading Violet Fawkes writing; I love working with her on a professional level; and one day, come hell or high water, I’ll get to meet her in person! Until then, I continue to enjoy her smut, her wit, and, specific to this week, her taste in smut.

What a delight to choose the top three for Masturbation Monday again! In these “uncertain times” I have been offline more than I have been in the last decade, if not longer so I have not been keeping up on the steady stream of smut that is still being produced by some of the best sex and erotica writers out there. And since all y’all insist on being awesome at what you do, I had a hard time narrowing things down, but in the end, I managed.

Here are my top three picks from this week:

Mind-blowingly pervy electro-torture butt sex by Zebra Rose

I love butt sex but ‘electro-torture’ sounds like not at all my kind of thing so I was really excited when this was one of my top picks. This is an unusually excellent first person account of rough electro-stim anal sex and it is HOT.

“Another notch higher on the power setting. I squeal, try to huddle, wriggling away from the current but you’re holding me down, fucking me with deliberate, measured, merciless strokes, my arms trapped beneath me, your hand at my throat, there’s nowhere to go …” Keep reading.

Silence in the Library – part one by Isabelle Lauren

I am, at heart, a voyeur, and reading this ferociously sexy tale of a librarian who gets her kicks from watching couples have clandestine sex in the stacks, is enough to get my decimal Dewey. Gosh, a good pun turns me on almost as much as this sexy tale.

“The sounds were almost too much for Rachel to bear. She pulled her skirt up and reached between her thighs. Her underwear was sodden and she pulled it aside with an impatient grunt. She was about to plunge two fingers in her needy hole when the man lifted his head and looked straight at her.” Keep reading.

Hallucination by F. Leonora

I love stories that speak plainly about desire without presenting an obvious focus on the male gaze and this very short scrap of fiction does just that. No one writes longing quite like FDotLeonora and Hallucination, left me with a lump in my throat and a trickle down my thigh.

“She wanted it when he did not want it sometimes, and she couldn’t help herself. Surrounding him like a venomous snake so that he had to surrender to her, Mathilde would wrap her arms and legs about him and kiss his neck.” Keep reading.

Thank you to all the writers that submitted work this week; you put me through my paces trying to pinpoint three stories to select. Keep dreaming, keep writing, and keep up the great work!

A big thanks to Theon Nord for providing our smutty inspiration! To choose your favorite story of the week, check out Masturbation Monday Week 290!

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