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Masturbation Monday Week 291 Round-Up by Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch

I’m so glad to have Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch here for the round-up this week! She’s absolutely wonderful — as a blogger and a person to know. I didn’t plan it this way, but I feel like the prompt and the stories it inspired were a perfect match.  

It’s great to be back doing the round up for Masturbation Monday. I had expected to be rushed off my feet this week as we were due to be away from home. But no, I am here at home experiencing this recently discovered phenomena of the ‘lock down’. I’ve been struggling with writing anything sexy or erotic over the past couple of weeks, but you need look no further than this week’s entries for inspiration.

A Really, Really Good Girl by Zebra Rose

I really love Zebra Rose from KnKStriped’s writing and adore how she has used Little Switch Bitch’s prompt photo for her post A Really, Really Good Girl. As a submissive myself, the desire to be my master’s good girl runs deep. But this post offers some great insights into those who find it difficult to hold their posture and keep still.

“If you’re a very good girl,” he murmurs into the nape of my neck, “I might even let you come.”

If I weren’t being so good, I might have let out a tiny whimper of protest at that. Being told I am forbidden to come is an irresistible lure; an offering of indulgence on the other hand, is the direst of threats. But I’m being good, and a good girl doesn’t take control or make demands.

And –

“Relax and don’t move.”

This is harder work than it sounds like, but I have a process. Picture myself, limb by limb, telling muscles to relax, letting tension melt away. With each little subsidence, a grunt of approval from somewhere above me. 

Those words would be great gracing any manual on how to be a submissive. Read it here.

Deep Soul Submission by Victoria Blisse

Deep Soul Submission by Victoria Blisse is my second choice. This beautifully written poem again resonates strongly with me. Victoria addresses head on many of the misconceptions about submission and being a submissive.

“I don’t submit to just anyone.

I just don’t.

I’m strong, independent and stubborn.

But mostly stubborn.

I’ll dig my heels in.

I’ll take what is given to me

but I won’t submit.

I take it
 because I want it.

Until I see that look.

Until I hear that tone.

Until I’m made to want to


For many of us submission is a need rather than a want. Though we do often want it, we usually need it more. A fabulous poem that I hope you’ll go and read the rest of. Read it here.

Maintenance Sex by Deviant Succubus

My third pick this week is Maintenance Sex by Deviant Succubus. Like many people she and her partner have been struggling with their libido recently. Something this post addresses head on. Sometimes even when you don’t think you are feeling turned on sex is definitely something you both need.

“When I am really horny, a few seconds with my clit, and I come. But not this time. I can feel it building it up. I really need to focus though, to get there. And it comes, a teensy tiny orgasm. I feel more relaxed. I would still be okay with just falling asleep with my head on his chest, soft, and warm and close to him. He asks me to lie on my back, and I know that he wants to fuck me. I listen and obey, because I am a submissive. And that side of me gets a bit excited now”.

What comes next is of course the maintenance sex. A hot and horny read and something that is sometimes what is needed. Read it here.

A big thank you to Little Switch Bitch for inspiring so much great smut this week! To pick your favorite story, check out Masturbation Monday Week 291!

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