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Masturbation Monday Week 293 Round-Up by Asrai Devin

I love, love, love having Asrai back again for another Masturbation Monday round-up. Just like I love, love, love when she posts smut for the week. I am NEVER disappointed in her smut, and it usually hits a lot of my kinks. 

This is my third time doing Masturbation Monday picks, which is always a joy. But it gets harder every time because more great submissions come in every time. I think right now is such a great time for reading because we all need a little bit of escape right now.

When it comes to Masturbation Monday or any blog posts, you never know what is going to speak to you, so I encourage you to give them all a look over. I know there’s never enough time for that, so here are my picks for the week.

In no particular order but my own:

Indulge by Violet Grey

I have a huge affinity for Silver Foxes, it’s totally my type, especially tall muscular ones. If you follow my twitter you may see a certain one flashing by, which might have been in part inspiration for this piece. Also the center of attention for three guys is a particular kind of sexy I enjoy fantasizing about.

“I whimper into Silver Fox’s mouth, who wraps his hand around my throat. Loose enough not to choke me, but firm enough to show me exactly who’s in charge.” Keep reading.

Spooned by Deviant Succubus

I loved the descriptions in the story. I could feel the cold metal on my skin, the feeling of naughty wetness, and the scent of everything at once. This story has my favorite part ever, being a brat.

“I pulled it open and took out a silver spoon, I touched the cold surface of the cutlery and wondered how it would feel inside me. I closed the drawer again and leisurely walked back to my laptop. I didn’t want him to think I was eager. I was following his instructions, but some bratty sprinkles I would always add to our connection.” Keep reading.

Just Breathe by Veronica Bly

I think we all need to just breath right now. I love it when being bossy is also about caring for your partner at the same time. The touch of sweet appreciation for a lover’s body when they feel self-conscious is much appreciated, as many of us can relate.

“I lean farther over her, kneeling up and reaching forward to massage just above her breasts. I nudge the lapels of her shirt farther apart, and her breasts spill downward, nipples pointing to opposite sides of the room the way her knees are.” Keep reading.

A big thanks to Shelbie Rie for your first-time Masturbation Monday prompt! To find your favorite post of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 293.

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