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Masturbation Monday Week 295 Round-Up by Cara Thereon

I loooooove to see Cara Thereon (she/her) anywhere near Masturbation Monday — sharing her erotic stories, as a prompt, and here for the round-up! She’s one of the first sex bloggers I ever followed and read, and she’s been around Masturbation Monday since the beginning. It’s always wonderful to have her here with us in whatever form that takes!

I always love when Kayla asks me to read for Masturbation Monday because it helps me get out of my own bubble and find new stuff and people to read. There’s so much good stuff out there and I’m always honored to be asked to pick, even if it’s hard to choose. But choose I did and I picked the three that really appealed to something in me.

Tolerance by Kristan X

Maybe it was the first line that did it: “the goal of this session is to make her cry…” maybe it is my own personal need to find catharsis through impact play, but whatever it was I ate this up. It appealed to that part that seeks pain for release and I can’t explain it better than that.

The goal of this session is to make her cry – something that has never happened yet. Something that she insists I will not manage. Yes, she wants it, but she doesn’t think she can. She never cries in front of others, least of all boys she’s fucking. Keep reading.

Communion by Violet Fawkes

Catholicism wasn’t my denomination of choice when I was faithful, but there’s something about this piece… it’s filthy worship and ownership. It’s touches of degradation and depravity mixed with love. It ticked my boxes admittedly.

He’s in a benevolent mood, light and happy, he’s pleased that I have knelt, naked, before asking my question of him. He spreads his knees as I take my place between them and he sighs as I steady myself with both hands on his legs, lowering myself until my knees touch the cool hardwood, eyes not quite level with his. I take my time before I speak, fingers pressing ever so slightly into his thighs, head cocked, a slow blink. He clears his throat and waits, ever patient, always cool and collected. Keep reading.

Learn to wait by Zebra Rose

I like mean. It seems weird to say that, but I like being made to atone a bit for being bad. I also like a touch of fear to my sex so this appealed a bit to that. I like being hurt and I like being scared. Very hot all around.

My little toy is greedy and impudent, bouncing on the bed with excitement, flinging plump limbs outwards in calculated abandon. She wants me to beat her and fuck her into drooling satisfaction, the harder, the better. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Missy (she/her) of Focused and Filthy for providing this week’s inspiration! To find your favorite story of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 295!

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