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Masturbation Monday Week 296 Round-Up

I almost never do the round-up anymore (thanks to all my smutty friends!!) but for Masturbation Month, I thought I’d do it every week. That’s because I’m running a blogger giveaway (on top of the sex toy giveaway from Hot Octopuss!), and some bloggers don’t link a story the week they do the round-up. I want all my smutty blogger friends to feel free to participate any week this month (or EVERY week)! (Pro tip: bloggers who do the round-up in a given week are absolutely allowed to link their own post — they just can’t pick it, obviously.)

As always, there were more than three stories I really enjoyed, so I needed a way to narrow down my choices. I started with everything sexy and erotic (yes, the non-sexy were very good, too!), and then narrowed down further to the sexy stories that hit me right in the tender feels.

Your Fuckbuddy After Quarantine by Kristan X

I think Kristan hits on something common in the human experience. After time apart, when old habits fall away and old routines vanish, it’s easy to feel awkward or not remember the old ease you had with a partner. Not only was this story delightfully sexy, but it was also tender and sweet.

You will pick up where you left off on a sunny day in summer, 48 hours after one-on-one contact becomes legal once more. He’ll have changed. Gained a little weight, become pale, grown out his hair. He’ll have a slightly wide-eyed look. When he speaks he’ll struggle for words more often than he ever did before. Keep reading.

Only Words by Zero

Zero happens to be both Kristan’s partner AND an amazing writer. She writes a delightfully dark kinky encounter on the “punishment” inflicted for not being able to say a specific phrase. It’s not something I’ve ever been made to say, but I resonate with that inability to say specific words and phrases easily, at all, or in my normal tone of voice. Especially at the command of someone else. I felt this one on a visceral level.

I’m playing video games in the living room when I hear him let himself into my flat. The slightly hesitant scrape of a key in the lock before it is removed and replaced with the correct key, the door pushed inwards only slightly at first, in case my cat is waiting to escape. Keep reading.

Getting over his dick, some thoughts on nostalgic wanks by Quinn Rhodes

Quinn’s writing always delights me. Ze has a way of painting the most erotic picture even in the smallest moments or the saddest ones. So yes, imagining the dick ze can’t have was sexy, but it was also bittersweet. Even though the “relationship” described clearly wasn’t a healthy one, I felt a deep sadness for hir.

Getting over him was easy, I tell people. It’s getting over his dick that’s the problem.

I’m lying, of course – his dick was spectacular but it was him I fell head-over-heels in lust with. His intelligence, his wit, his twisted sadism and the fact he could make me laugh while beating my arse. It hurts when I remember that he’s never going to dominate me again because he was so fucking good at it. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Molly Moore (she/her) for providing this week’s inspiration. To enter the Masturbation Month giveaway AND find your favorite story of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 296!

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