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Masturbation Monday Week 298 Round-Up

My picks for this weeks round-up have no rhyme or reason. It’s as simple as I liked them. That being said, as always, everyone made it difficult to choose. Which is never a bad problem to have!

Rainy Memories by Steeled Snake Charmer

The interplay between the two of them reminded me of myself and John Brownstone so much. I smiled from start to finish.

“Remember that day when it rained so much when we were in New York?”

“When we were there for the show and had planned to walk around all day before?” I answer. “Yes, why?” Keep reading.

Me and My Vibe by Vanilla Free Sex

This next selection isn’t a story, but a picture, and it was inspired by this week’s prompt image. Yay for inspiration!

When I saw the prompt picture for this week’s Masturbation Monday I decided I had to give it a go because I’ve been wanting to take a picture with a toy. See the picture.

Middle-Age Masturbation Hacks by Mrs. Fever

Not only do I find myself relating to Mrs. Fever’s need for and use of these particular hacks, it’s also genuinely good advice!

Sex – particularly of the penetrative variety – is of extremely little interest to me right now, primarily because my peri-menopausal libido has decided to join an expedition to the Arctic, so what little lovin’ my body is getting is mostly coming (heh) at odd times and by my own hand{s}. Keep reading.

A big thanks to The Barefoot Sub for inspiring this week’s smut! To find your favorite posts, go to Masturbation Monday Week 298!

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