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Masturbation Monday Week 299 Round-Up

This week is the last official week of Masturbation Month for 2020 and my last week doing round-ups. As always, my smutty writer friends made my task of picking favorites feel almost impossible. But after a bit of back and forth, a little eenie-meenie-minie-moe, and some tough choices, I narrowed it down to my top three of the week.

The theme? All my choices are kinky as fuck in different ways.

Slowly by Violet Fawkes

There’s not a part of my kinky identity that has an ounce of FemDom in it, but I loooooved this piece by Violet. There was something gentle and nurturing about the scene from start to finish, even though it featured the impatience and uncertainty of a submissive (something I know well) and a punishment.

He strips off slowly, his hips betraying his eagerness; belt, jeans, red lace thong. I ignore the lingerie, I want what’s under it, and I want to see it in his hand. Keep reading.

A Face Full by Molly Moore

Anytime someone can share a kink/desire that I don’t share and still turn me on, I know it’s good. I have zero desire for a facial (I don’t like come on my skin, in general), but I completely relate to the desire to know I’m the one that got a partner off, that I’m the reason for their need and the hotness of the fuck. Yes, yes, and yes.

Come in me, come on me, come because of me… I have a cum fetish and I could totally go for a face full of cum right now. Keep reading.

Scaring Clowns by Victoria Blisse

As someone who has a complete exhibitionist streak, even the idea of a fake clown being able to see me get fucked is kind of a turn on. Victoria said this would be complete filth, and she was right. In less than 300 words, I was ready to volunteer as a tribute.

“Look,” She pulled my hair, lifting my head to look straight ahead.

“The clown’s covering his eyes, he can’t look at you. You’re such a dirty slut.”
I whimpered, flushing with humiliation and desire. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Little Switch Bitch for offering up plenty of smutty inspiration. To find your favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 299.

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