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Masturbation Monday Week 300 Round-Up by Molly Moore

Molly Moore, and all her amazing work, inspired me to start Masturbation Monday 300 weeks ago. It’s only fitting that she is here at the end as I get ready for a hiatus. Without her support, her willingness to share her knowledge, and her smutty, smutty images as prompts, I don’t know if I’d ever gotten to this point. Thank you, Molly, for everything — and a massive thanks to the smutty writers who linked up each week and made round-up judges work so hard to pick their faves of the week.

I am both sad and happy to write the round-up this week. Sad because, for now at least, Masturbation Monday will be ending, but happy that Kayla decided to mark that moment not only with my picture as the prompt but also allowing me the honor of picking my favorite pieces.

I will miss Masturbation Monday, as I am sure many of us will but I also totally understand and support Kayla’s decision. Change can hard but from change comes growth.

My top three pieces:

Suffer in Silence – No More by E.L. Byrne

I recognize so much of myself in parts of this. I definitely learned how to make myself small and quiet to get through things and I also had very little idea how to advocate for myself and my desires. I formed myself in the expectations set for me for so long rather than setting my own path. This is a piece I will definitely be going back and reading again.

Every day I am learning to overcome the social norms that taught me to suffer in silence and become the strong ASSERTIVE woman I am and always want to be. It’s ok to ask for what you want, to know your boundaries and not let anyone violate them. You are ok too! Read it here.

Knife is for K by Degrees of Zero

I have a HUGE knife kink. They totally set my pulse racing as does this post. Zero’s descriptions of the sensation of being cut, both the first time and the subsequent times made me ache with need and longing to feel the sharp hot burn of a sharp blade against my skin.

When he cut me that night it didn’t feel like I expected it to feel. He was hurting me in a myriad of other ways, with other things, and initially I didn’t even realise it had happened. He had to grab me by the hair and lift my head to show me the blade, dotted with dark little beads of blood. I felt a tiny jolt of something – self preservation? Shock? Adrenalin? My heart beat a little faster. He held eye contact as he licked the blade. Read it here.

Puddle of Whore by Floss Liddell

This is short but oh so perfectly filthy. It speaks so directly to my needs and desires right now. It is raw and basic and the final line grabbed me by the cunt. Floss often seems to manage to do that to me with her writing.

I would crawl to him on my filthy slut knees and beg for him to ruin me until I am nothing more than a puddle of whore at his feet. Read it here.

A big thanks to Molly Moore for…every-fucking-thing, but specifically the use of her image and her time spent on this week’s round-up. To find your favorite post, head to Masturbation Monday Week 300.

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  1. I have fond memories of Masturbation Monday, it provided me the first platform to start sharing my work on and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    Here’s wishing you all the best on your hiatus! Come back soon!

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