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Masturbation Monday: Week 300 by Molly Moore (and an Announcement)

Under normal circumstances, the Masturbation Monday prompt image would not come from the same person slated to do the round-up this week, but this is not a normal week. Molly Moore (my dear friend and the best work wife ever) inspired me to start Masturbation Monday — and helped me a lot over the years. And it’s only fitting that she help me in what may be my last Masturbation Monday.

I need a break from Masturbation Monday. There’s more to say about that, but this isn’t the moment — you’re either here to share your smut or read some smut (or both!), and I want this post to be that space. Three hundred weeks of Masturbation Monday feels like a milestone and an accomplishment — and a good place to pause. (After this week’s round-up, there will be another post with a little more info.)

This week’s prompt isn’t exactly sexy, but it’s also open to so much interpretation that I genuinely can’t wait to read what people share. Whether you’re new to this space or you’ve been around since the beginning (300 weeks ago!), I hope you’ll help me go out with a bang (or is that a fuck)? Link your posts this week — sexy, not sexy, images, whatever. All are welcome!

Image originally published as No Figging Way and used with permission.

How Masturbation Monday Works

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Readers, check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.

Bloggers, try to read and comment on at least a few other posts each week. It can be overwhelming (and impossible) to read 20-plus stories. But reading a few is a great way to connect in the sex blogging community and support other bloggers!


Check here for the full rules but here it is in a nutshell:

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5 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday: Week 300 by Molly Moore (and an Announcement)

  1. Massive congratulations on the milestone! While I’ll miss the meme and content shared I totally understand needing to take a break. It’s definitely well earned at this point. Hope to see it back in the future, but if not, what an incredible run!

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