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Masturbation Monday Hiatus: What Now?

Masturbation Monday has been going for 300 weeks, and this feels like a good place to stop and take a break. I started this blogging meme, link-up, and project in 2014 as a way to connect readers who wanted smut with the bloggers who wrote it. And I am extremely proud of what participants and readers helped me build over the past several years.

But…I need a break. So, for this last post, I will try to answer questions that both readers and bloggers may have about what happens to Masturbation Monday at this point.

What happens to this website?

Not a damn thing. It will continue to exist so readers can find it, enjoy a few pictures, and click around to find new-to-them bloggers. I also don’t want former participants to have to deal with the issue of broken links and 404 errors. I know how much that sucks.

Will someone else take over?

At this point (as of the date of publication), no one has offered, and I wouldn’t agree to hand it over anyway. I need to think of this as a break. To believe that if I can give myself some downtime (from multiple things, not just Masturbation Monday), I can come back to it with the enthusiasm and joy I once felt.

If there comes a point when I realize that won’t happen and someone asks, I’ll reassess. But it’s too soon for me to make that decision.

What other blogging memes are out there to link up to/read?

That’s the beautiful thing about the wider sex blogging community. Masturbation Monday was never the only option (nor was it the first!), and other bloggers consistently come up with new ideas and ways to help smutty readers find the content they want. Bloggers who want another place to link up and share your content, I encourage you to check out any of the options below. I’ve broken them down into ongoing memes and time-specific memes.

Ongoing (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Beyond Fetchat – Organized by Nikki of Love is a Fetish and Anne Staggs

Filthy Sexy Words – Organized by Michael Knight

Kink of the Week – Organized by Molly Moore

Lingerie is for Everyone – Organized by Violet Fawkes

Scavenger Hunt – Organized by sub-Bee

Sinful Sunday – Organized by Molly Moore

Write Big Sexy Words – Organized by Violet Fawkes

Quote Quest – Organized by Little Switch Bitch

Time Specific (only active at specific times of the year)

February PhotoFest – Organized by Molly Moore

#30DaysOrgasmFun (April) – Started by Tabitha Rayne (not a link-up)

One Rainbow Apart 2020 (June) – Organized by Mx Nillin

Every Damn Day in June – Organized by Hyacinth Jones

Smutathon (one-day event in September) – Founded by Amy Norton, organized by committee

Shout-out to Mx Nillin for compiling a list of multiple sex blogging community events that are safe for trans bloggers. Check out their full list here and for other information as well: For Trans Bloggers

To any of my sex blogging friends, if you run a meme/link-up and would like it to be listed here, please reach out.

I submitted an image for a future Masturbation Monday prompt. What happens to it?

I had a fairly comprehensive spreadsheet/form system for image submissions prior to this break I’m on. For now, that information will continue to live in a Google Drive folder. If I start things up again in the future, I will reach out to the owners of those images to make sure they still give permission for the image’s use. And, of course, I’ll beg my smutty friends to share their pics again.

I wanted to do a round-up/volunteered to do one. What now?

A massive thanks to everyone who has ever done a round-up or volunteered to do a future round-up. You’ve helped me out a lot over the years and helped celebrate your fellow bloggers. I appreciate you all. On that same very full spreadsheet are the names of everyone who’s ever volunteered or agreed to do a Masturbation Monday round-up, including people I’d hoped to ask/invite in the future. Again, if we resume, I will use my spreadsheet to reach out.

I hope I covered the biggest questions/concerns fans of Masturbation Monday may have. If you’ve just stumbled on this space, there are 300 weeks of smutty goodness to enjoy (from posts to pictures). And if you’re a blogger who wants to be a part of the sex blogging community, check out the links above as a great starting point.

Thank you all for helping make Masturbation Monday a great space for lovers of smut and self-pleasure. 

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