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Masturbation Monday: Week 156 Top 3 RoundUp

I can’t believe that the past seven days have gone by so quickly and yet here we are once again back at my favorite part of the week to read all the hot stories submitted. My week has been busy as all get out so it was nice to be able to sit and read some stories to get the blood flowing.  So without further adieu lets get into the good stuff and let me tell you they are all good this week.

The Lifeguard by ChinaDoll320

A newcomer to Masturbation Monday, and ChinaDoll320 did it with a splash. While The Lifeguard may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is one of a genre that I have enjoyed for many years now. The concept of the story kept me reading and even at the end I was left wanting more. I enjoyed the setting of the tale and living somewhere beaches are prevalent it made me want to check out the action on the beach a bit more and see what is going on there. The ending was a very unexpected surprise and that tickled me in all the right places as well.

She has always had a love-hate relationship with summer. The season meant freedom from work, but the weather often was too hot to enjoy. When it was really hot and she was too stir crazy to stay inside with the air conditioner, she’d go to the beach. Keep reading.

Flee by F. Leonora

Flee by F. Leonora is an ongoing story but this week’s segment is really hot. So much mixed emotions and angst along with some really hot sex.  Ask Kayla and she will tell you I love a good mind fuck and this story certainly delivered in that aspect as well. When I got the the end it left me breathless with wonder about what is going to happen next. It also left me wanting next week to get here soon so I can find out what happens.

Sabrina looked at Ben, and gulped. Her fancy suitcase, with the Eiffel Tower on it and its shiny crystalline pink base, she placed delicately beside her as she looked up at him.

After Graham had found her–again–she wanted to flee. . She wanted to go away again. He had fucked her so good, she could not stop thinking about it. She had placed her hand between her legs, and rubbed herself almost raw trying to make herself come like he had made her come. So painfully aroused, she almost wanted to beg him to come back and stop the ache that she felt. Keep reading.

Tease Part 10 by Mischa Eliot

I have been following Mischa Eliot’s Tease series for some time and every installment has hit me in the best of ways on some level. Part Ten is the finale to the series, and it brought the entire story line to a steamy culmination. I love the two main characters in this story and I could relate to them in many ways. I think I’ll go back and read from the start again.

Madness. Insanity. Crazy. I was overwhelmed with all three. The way Mack’s tongue tickled along my skin drove me mad. When his teeth bit into my flesh just deep enough to make me wonder if he was a vampire, it drove me insane with need. And when his voice reached through the pleasure and pain of it all, I thought I might be going crazy. Perhaps I had fallen into a coma of pleasure and pain entwined. If so, I never wanted to leave. Keep reading.

So many great submission’s this week! Keep’em coming. I can’t wait to read what everyone shares next week!

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