Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday Bits and Bobs

While Masturbation Monday is meant to be a place strictly for smut – to be shared and enjoyed – sometimes we have to do a little housekeeping, and this is one of those times. If you’re a reader of Masturbation Monday who doesn’t blog or participate, here’s a blast from the past with good smut to enjoy: Masturbation Monday: Week 162.

Okay, everyone else…pay attention. This post is all the bits and bobs going on around here, and a few things are changing!

Using Prompts in Your Blog Post

We’ve made a slight but important change to the Masturbation Monday rules¬†regarding the use of the photo prompt. If you use the photo prompt in your own blog post for a given week, please fully credit the owner of the image in your post. Link to their website, ideally the specific post where the image was found, and mention their name when you do it.

You still need to link to the Masturbation Monday website, but this gives credit where credit is due. Have questions? Reach out and John Brownstone or myself will help.

Submit Your Image for Future Prompts

I love perving people’s blogs to find sexy images to use, and I love putting more eyeballs on the smut we all create. But I need help because I know a lot of great erotic photographer/bloggers are getting missed. Thanks to a great suggestion by Molly Moore (love you!!), you can submit your image to be used as a future prompt.

Submit Your Image

If you took a picture that you’re really proud of — and that’s sensual, erotic, or sexual in anyway, share it! The rules are in the link above.

Masturbation Monday Podcast Coming in March

We’ve got a lot of moving parts going on around here (if you can’t tell) so the podcast I mentioned weeks ago had to be delayed. But it’s going live in March. Every Monday, new auditory smut will be released for the listening public. We’ve got enough podcast submissions for the next several weeks, but you can submit a previous Masturbation Monday post!

Podcast Submission

The Masturbation Monday podcast will be posted on the blog and be available on all major podcast apps every Monday beginning in March.

Change in Prompt Timing

Also beginning in March, the Masturbation Monday prompt timing will adjust a little. Instead of the prompt going live on Thursday, it will be available on Friday – early in the day. It will still close on Tuesday at 8pm eastern.

We’re doing this because…we’re looking for volunteers to do the weekly roundup for us, and this helps with timing. Which leads to the last point…

Volunteers Needed for Weekly Roundup

We’re looking for volunteers to do the weekly roundup for us! If you’ve ever wondered why we picked one post over one you loved more, now is your chance to share what you like from Masturbation Monday during a specific week.

The roundup will be published on Thursdays (instead of Wednesdays) so there’s time to read everything once the prompt closes for the week. If you’re interested, email me at kaylalords at gmail. You can check out the rules to get an idea for what is involved (not too much, I promise!). And yes, we’ll be knocking on Twitter and email “doors” looking for volunteers as well.

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