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Masturbation Monday: Week 153 Weekly Round Up

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When Kayla asked me to join in on the weekly roundup for Masturbation Monday and pick three of my favorite ones I was rather excited. I didn’t realize until now how hard it would be. My first week out of the box, and they are all good in their own way. These are my top three picks for Masturbation Monday, Week 153.

All It Takes is the Right Toy by Floss

First is from flossdoeslife, All it Takes is the Right Toy. This story sucked me in, and I savored every word as I read it. The tension, build up, and the emotions drew me right in and I felt it as if I was a participant in the story. The thing that really got me is that I felt it from both sides, the raw emotions and sexual energies in this was just incredible, it even made me wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the coin. After reading this it put a few ideas in my head and Kayla may have to watch out as there may be a surprise in store for her.

I’ve got the sex toys. I’ve got the porn, or the sexy imagination depending on my mood. The mood is set, the lube is out. I’ve got everything, except the orgasm. It’s time to admit defeat. I’m bored and I know the reason why. I’ve got a better toy, a bigger toy, a living, breathing, all mine sex toy of a boy. That is what I need. Keep reading.

Photo Box by Ina Morata

Second is from Ina Morata titled Photo Box. There is just something about being on holiday that allows you to let your inhibitions free a bit and this story did just that. Plus there is a good bit of voyeur in me so the story certainly touched me on that level. Then add in that there is a camera involved and that just took it over the top for me. Without giving it all away this hot tale struck me on so many levels I couldn’t even begin to go into them all without giving the story away, you just need to go on over there and read it your self. So. Damn. Hot!

She spots him through her balcony window. There’s a communal walkway outside, linking all the balconies together, and his holiday apartment fits into the adjacent space to hers, making up one corner of the quadrangle. She stands there with the door open, a cold can of soft drink in her hand, her flesh still tingling a little from a couple of hours in the afternoon sun. She’s naked, except for the blue thong bikini bottom. There’s a wonderful, strange, sexy sense of freedom, being allowed to sunbathe topless here. For ten years it’s been the confinement of the requisite grey pencil skirt and cream blouse and an odd ice-cream on the seafront. You can’t sunbathe, topless or otherwise, in a bank. Keep reading.

Electric Flogging and the Masochist by Victoria Blisse

Third is from Victoria Blisse, Electric Flogging and the Masochist. The title alone was enough to spark my interest and get me going and what I read didn’t disappoint me in the least. Being someone who loves floggers, add in some electro play with it, and it struck a number of chords with me and got my blood pumping. I loved how she described the sensations and feelings both during and after. When I was done reading it left my hand feeling a bit twitchy and wanting to play.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced Tenseld’s electric flogger, a few months ago I had my first taste, with Miss TillySue doing the flogging. I loved it then but I really struggled to describe the feeling during or afterwards and the writer in me was not happy with that at all. Keep reading.

There were SO many good stories this week, and it really was difficult to decide on only three of them. Can’t wait for what the writers offer up for next Masturbation Monday!

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  1. Aw I was so happy to see this! What a warm welcome I have received into the #MasturbationMonday community! You guys rock! I haven’t written any erotica for aaages despite it once being the main passion. I think this has inspired me to keep it up, people have been so nice. Thank you both for the inspiration to get started again x

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