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Masturbation Monday: Week 154 Top 3 Roundup

What another great week of arousing stories. In one way or another they all whet my appetite in some form or fashion.

Last Man Standing by Scandarella

What can I say about Last Man Standing by Scandarella other than I was hooked from the start, especially since I’m one who loves a good game and a good challenge. My eyes were glued to the words as I took in the rules of the game to the firing of the starting gun. I was right there rooting for the main character feeling both his angst and desire as he kept his eyes on the prize. I was leaning back in my chair reading this and the climatic ending had me sitting bolt upright and shouting.

“Okay, we’re gonna play a game!”

I paused for a second or two, teeth poised not a centimetre away from my slice of pizza. Polly was on her feet by the day bed looking as excitable as a puppy. The other guys glanced at her, then away, getting on with what they were doing. I did the same, ripping into the pizza and chewing while I watched Vince play on the Wii. Keep reading.

Going Bare by Lascivious Lucy

Going Bare by Lascivious Lucy certainly caught my interest. Reading the description as she talked about her romp after having had a fresh wax was such an erotic delight. I hung on each word and felt like I was right there with her as the proverbial fly on the wall. The story was slow and erotic with a great build up and I could almost feel each sensation that Julia felt right along with her.

Julia left her aesthetician’s office, her skin warm and hypersensitive. She’d been going for years, suffering the brief flood of pain for the smooth, hairless mons and labia she had come to love. The drive home was the hardest part, as Julia wiggled and shifted in her car, unable to find relief. Her skin tingled, and she wanted nothing more than strip out of her clothes to remove any pressure from her over-stimulated skin. Keep reading.

Tease Part 8 by Mischa Eliot

I’ve been following Tease by Mischa Eliot  for some time now and I’ve liked all the elements of it but this weeks part really hit a deep chord for me. It brought back the emotions and feeling I’ve had when Kayla and I first met and began building our D/s relationship. As I read each word it stirred me emotionally and physically as I am no stranger to those feelings. As always at the end it left me wanting more and looking forward to the next part.

Cold showers weren’t working. It had been a week since I touched Piper. By the time I got back in town, it was the middle of the night. Pouty lips and her sweet voice begging me to take her filled my dreams. I ached deep inside. No woman ever got a hold of me like this. Figuring out what made Piper special drove me into madness. Keep reading.

It really was hard choosing just three as there were so many good submissions and they were all different in their own way and all so good. Ya’ll are really keeping me on my toes with all these great stories.

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