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Masturbation Monday: Week 155 Top 3 Roundup

Welcome to this week’s Masturbation Monday roundup for week 155! It’s August and the heat is blazing here where we live. Lately we’ve seen some temperatures in the triple digits. But that’s nothing compared to the heat brought on by the amazing writers and steamy stories for this week.

Sexting with Bunny by Elliott Henry

I love sexting, it is something that Kayla and I did on a regular basis when we were long distance. Even when were were together and I was at work I would get her all worked up before coming home. Reading Sexting with Bunny by Life of Elliot made me realize just how much I did miss it. The whole interaction got me so worked up I found myself reaching for my phone to send off a few messages of my own.

I watched again, this time with my cock in my hand. Then, I watched again, this time with a cock ring on and properly lubed. After a few more viewings, I sent her a video in return, telling her how horny she makes me and that I couldn’t resist masturbating with her. That I want to suck her nipples and roll them in my fingers like she is doing. I want to pull down her red dress and massage her breasts. I want her to stroke my cock while I do that. I want to push my face between her legs and replace the vibe with my lips as I suck her clit and push my tongue inside her. I want to be the one giving her an orgasm. I desperately want my cock between her lips. I tell her all that as I begin to cum for her. Keep reading.

In the Mirror by Cimmerian Sentiment

I’ve read In the Mirror by Cimmerian Sentiment three times now. Like the character in the story, I couldn’t look away. Every nuance of her thoughts, feelings, and actions drew me in more. For a short story it packs a big punch and it made me want to walk in on her to watch her during this intimate moment. The story made me feel like I wasn’t only viewing her physically but also peeking inside her mind.

My hands shook as I closed the front door of my house, dropped my purse and keys on the table and pulled down the top of my spaghetti strap dress. I leaned against the cool wall and tugged on my nipples. I smiled at my reflection in the wall length mirror and pushed my dress down over my hips taking my underwear with it. I stepped out leaving my heels on and went back to fondling my breasts. Keep reading.

At the Heart of a Threesome by Dr. J.

This story strummed at me, and yes that’s a good thing. We so often talk about communication and how important it is. Many say well communicating during sex or the heat of the moment isn’t well sexy. Wrong, wrong, and wrong, and At the Heart of a Threesome by Dr. J. proves it. While it is damn sexy and hot it proves that communicating in the height of passion and or lust can be and is sexy as all get out.

Good to his word, Rafe had invited Mara over to our house the following weekend. My heart pounded in my chest. The two people that lit my fire were huddled together on the couch clarifying our threesome plans. There were so many things I loved about both of them, and it was amplified seeing them laughing. Keep reading.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks Masturbation Monday!

Prompt by Joelle Casteel.

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    1. You deserve to be! Not only was the post a great read but the pictures were truly jaw dropping in the best possible way. 🙂

  1. Thank you, John Brownstone. I love the diversity here. We three make a pretty nice threesome, don’t you think, Life of Elliott and Cimmerian Sentiment?

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