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Masturbation Monday: Week 157 Roundup

Wow, what a great collection of stories this week, and welcome to another Masturbation Monday Roundup.  By the time I finished reading them all I had to step out and have myself a smoke to cool down.

Best Monday Ever by Jade Royal

Best Monday Ever is such a fitting title. Monday’s are bad enough but to have a Monday like this? Well it just might make a believer out of me and welcome the beginning of the week with open arms if they were more like this.Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I could even forego coffee for a day like this.

My fresh scent perfumed the room, a budding flower. Before my frisky behavior began, I’d taken a shower and I’d need another after I was finished. My damp hair was cool against my shoulders but molded to parts of my face as I tossed about in throes of passion. Keep reading.

Wank Fodder by Oleander Plume

Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll: Oleander Plume doesn’t get much better than Wank Fodder by Oleander Plume. I know all too well the power of watching a music video and spinning my own story into it. Add into it an element of an awakening and this little tale comes across in a big way.

Gunner inched his face closer to the laptop until his nose almost bumped the screen. He’d turned the volume down to a whisper so that no one else in the building would know he’d been watching the same Monotony video over and over for the past hour. Keep reading.

Wet Leather by Cammies on the Floor

From start to finish I fell into Wet Leather by Cammies on the Floor. It is something that sounds so familiar to me that it could have been happening in my bedroom. A leather blindfold, floggers, and a crop are always handy and within reach in our room. From the build up to the release, this was something I could relate to and it certainly got my blood fired up and pumping in a delightfully wicked way.

Mr. Texas hit me so hard I cried. I don’t know if I’ve cried before from pain, though to be fair I more teared up than sobbed.

What was even more striking is that I wore a soft supple leather blindfold at the time and the duration of time I wore it I smelled wet leather. Keep reading.

So there they are: this weeks top three stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and now if you’ll excuse me there is something (and maybe someone) that needs my attention.

Thanks to Exposing40 for being our lovely and inspiring prompt this week! Take a look at all the Masturbation Monday posts for this week and find your favorites!

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