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Masturbation Monday: Week 159 Roundup

Life is slowly getting back to normal around here which is nice and here I am once again, reading a great collection of really hot stories to get me over the mid-week hump. With everything going on since the past weekend (thanks Hurricane Irma!) reading this week’s Masturbation Monday stories has been a welcome distraction.

Jete by Mrs. Fever

Temperature’s Rising by Mrs. Fever is an aptly named blog as this narration certainly did turn up the temperature around here. I’ve always found ballet to be beautiful, intense, and moving on a number of levels. After reading Jete, I think I will also add arousing to that that list. What an incredible way to make a comparison between two things that are both so lovely and bring them together.

The colors dance behind my eyelids in bursts and swirls, splashing across my vision in vibrant variegated hues.  They overlap and spin, spattering their motley array of vivid brights and fade-in monochromes until, in the imbrication, an abstraction forms. Keep reading.

Sexting by Nicci Haydon

This little tale started out with a lot of intensity and then took a spin that was unexpected but hot. From anger and jealousy to a heat of the moment attraction and need that left me in a tale spin. Sexting by Nicci Haydon is a hot story filled with a mix of emotions from one end of the scale to the other.

When I first discovered the messages on Joel’s phone I was heartbroken. They were intimate. Explicit. Keep reading.

Wet on the Washer by Sassy Cat

This story has so many elements that speak to me and on top of that it is smoking hot. From power exchange to rope, and squirting every element of Wet on the Washer by Sassy Cat pulled me in. After reading this I may even have to add some new elements to wash day around here.

I told him about my sex bucket list. I wasn’t expecting him to remember or be focused on helping me cross some items off my list. Keep reading.

As always, everything this week was excellent, and the writers continue to make this hard (hehe). Reading hot posts and finding it hard to choose a favorite is a great problem to have! So thanks to everyone who participates for that.

A big thanks to sub-Bee for being our weekly prompt. We couldn’t have done it without her!

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