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Masturbation Monday Week 261 Round-Up by PurpleSole

Purple Sole is the other half of the amazing duo that is Purple’s Gem. I always enjoy it when he writes posts — fantasy or fact — as well as when he and littlegem collaborate on a post together. Especially when pictures are involved! I’m so happy he’s here this week picking his top three posts for Masturbation Monday!

It is an honour to have been asked to select the round up this week. Although I don’t often write erotica, I do often find myself dipping my toes into each week’s entries. I’m always fascinated by the imagination and the story telling of this community and this week was no exception.

Choosing a top three was always going to be difficult, after a long time choosing here are my top three.

Drusilla – Queens of Vampires: Chapter 5 – La Fleur Blanche by Deviant Succubus

I have to admit I was drawn to this story as I have read some of the previous parts. Deviant’s writing is deliciously dark and the imagery she creates pulls you in. You can tell a lot of time has been taken to research this historical tale and Drusila character exudes power in this 19th century brothel fantasy.

We were flabbergasted. I banged on the door of the establishment. I didn’t find the courtesy to knock instead of violently demanding attention of any importance during that moment. But my efforts did not result in any kind of reaction. The door was still closed and we were standing on the street in front of the Fleur Blanche, helplessly confused. I shouted: “Emilie, don’t despair, we will return!”, while Adrien and Jermaine pulled me away to avoid receiving the wrong sort of attention for my emotional scene. Keep reading.

After Dinner Plans by Kurvy Kinkster

Kurvy Kinkster claims to be lacking in inspiration for writing but the short story she has written is lovely. Partly because it is fun and has the characteristics my partner littlegem has when she is being playful. The scene focuses on dirty talk, which is something I should really take notes on.

He walks in on her as she is finishing getting dressed in the leather outfit she bought to wear for him.  Short black flared skirt, black corset to match, leather jacket, stockings with suspenders and heals, and she turns around pulling up the skirt to show her black thongs. Keep reading.

Private Audience by Annabel Lee

There are many fantasies I am yet to fulfill. There are two perspectives here that take my interest. Firstly that of a dominant that has secretly invited someone else into the bedroom without the submissive knowing. But the thought of being the voyeur too has me excited too. Annabel’s captures these fantasies in a truly delicious way.

My phone vibrates in my pocket as I secure the last buckle on Pet’s restraints.  I check the message confirming it is what I have been waiting for. My gaze travels from the bare restrained foot in front of me up over the naked perfection that is my wife.  Arms and legs stretch out towards the four corners of the bed, blindfolded and relaxed as she waits for our night to continue. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Petticoat Diva Jo for inspiring this week’s smut! To find your favorite stories, head to Masturbation Monday Week 261.

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