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Masturbation Month 2019 is Coming…Are You?

May is coming! May is coming! Are you?

Orgasms aren’t required when you masturbate, but for many of us, they’re a lot of fun. You know what else is fun? Reading smut, looking at sexy images, and entering to win stuff!

For Masturbation Month 2019, I’ve got something for everyone. Readers of smut, you get two chances to win prizes! Writers of smut, keep scrolling because I’ve got a surprise for you, too.

Masturbation Month Giveaways

Every year I do something a little different for Masturbation Month. This year, we’ve got two separate giveaways which gives you two chances to win!

From May 3 through May 17, you can enter to win a JETT from Hot Octopuss. It’s a sex toy for the penis in your life (yours or a partner’s) that needs extra care, attention, and vibrations. John Brownstone has one and loves it! You can watch our video review here: JETT Review

From May 17 through May 31, you can enter to win a prize pack from Godemiche — an Ambit dildo and an OffBeat masturbator (also something John Brownstone has tried and loved). Check out his OffBeat review here.

And if you already own either of those items, both companies will offer discount coupon codes during the giveaways so you can buy other fun things for Masturbation Month!

Winners will be selected around the first of June and notified by email. The giveaway is open to any country Hot Octopuss or Godemiche ship to (which is multiple countries). Details will be included in the blog post with the giveaway entry form.

*Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Hot Octopuss so any links to their site will be affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission.

Smutty Writer Information

A couple of things for my smutty writer friends who participate in Masturbation Monday for the month of May.

Blogger Giveaway

Everyone who writes a post for Masturbation Monday will be entered into a separate giveaway! I’m giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one smutty writer. If you’re morally opposed to Amazon (and I definitely understand why) and you’re the winner, you can choose a gift card of the same value from another site — it just has to be something that can be sent electronically. You’ll be entered into the drawing for each post you share (one for each Monday). That gives each writer four chances to win, if you write a post for every Monday in May!

As a writer, you can only share one post that you’ve written to be entered in a given week. Yes, even if you write for multiple websites. One post per writer per week will be entered into the drawing. A winner will be chosen using a random number generator — and the number will correspond with where that person is on my spreadsheet.

Top 3 Round-Ups

For the month of May, I’ll be choosing the top three posts for each week. I want bloggers to feel like they can participate as a writer. You always can when you do the round-up, but not everyone does. So this way, no one has to decide they shouldn’t write because they’re picking the posts! Also, I’m a masochist who likes a challenge — and reading all the posts in a month when the most writers join in and trying to figure out my favorites seems like painful pleasure to me!

I’ll be reaching out to bloggers to start doing the top 3 round-ups again in June. If I haven’t reached out to you yet and asked you to do it, and it’s something you’d like to do, contact me directly on Twitter (@KaylaLords) or by email (kaylalords at gmail dot com).

Happy Masturbation Month, y’all! Get smutty, get thoughtful, get kinky…but get yourself entered to win these giveaways!

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