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New Masturbation Monday Badges, Changes, and Updated Rules

A big thank you to the sponsors for this year: Hot Octopuss, HUM Vibrator, Mystery Vibe, The Butters, and Eden’s Toy Store! Winners have been selected for each giveaway, and I’m grateful to everyone who participated as a writer or a reader!

Now that June is here I have a few housekeeping changes to Masturbation Monday.

For all bloggers and authors:

I’ve updated the Masturbation Monday badge and banner and would like everyone to begin using them. If you’ve participated in the past, look for an email with the badge and banner attached. For anyone who’s new, you can access the badge (in multiple sizes) and the banner, on the Badges and Banners page.

For bloggers and photographers:

I love using real people as prompts each week, as we’ve done since the beginning of May. If you’re interested in sharing an image of yourself – either explicit or subtle – that captures the spirit of Masturbation (about masturbation or so hot it makes someone want to touch themselves), please feel free to submit an image! You’ll get credit for your work in the post, and if you’re on Twitter, you’ll get some love there, too. Contact me if you’re interested!

For authors:

I’ve decided to keep the rule of no book excerpts for Masturbation Monday posts going forward. Excerpts from your works in progress are fine, but published works will not be allowed. This space is meant to be a way to turn on readers and grow your audience. Readers have expressed the feeling like it’s one big book sale when they click through to nothing but excerpt after excerpt. Y’all know I love erotic authors (being one myself). This is about the readers, though. Without them, we’re nothing.

To see all the most current and up-to-date rules, click here.

If you’re a reader who doesn’t blog or take smutty photos and you’ve read all the way to the end, damn I love you so much! I hope you enjoy the one-handed reads each week (and the amazing prompts!). XOXO!

2 thoughts on “New Masturbation Monday Badges, Changes, and Updated Rules

  1. Okay, so I admit I was half reading until the head to see if you snuck the inspiration picture in at the end 😀 But I am right there on the new rules 🙂 I got the new banners and I’m now considering what I might write. Masturbation Monday has always been more about exploring for me anyway- I don’t remember the last time I actually did a snippet of a published book. Of course, with Vala’s Story under serious rewrite, considering new cover art, etc 😀

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