Podcast Submission

Have you participated in Masturbation Monday as a writer at any point between week one and right now? Then submit one of your smutty posts to be read by John Brownstone in the Masturbation Monday podcast!

Writers and bloggers who participate will receive:

  • A link back to your website/original post in the show notes page
  • Links to your social media accounts on the show notes page and mentions during the episode so people can find you
  • A 2-3 sentence bio to be read in the episode, as well as your website URL
  • Social media love from us when the episode goes live

To participate, writers and bloggers must follow these guidelines:

  • You must fill out our Google form in order to have your piece considered for an episode
  • Only a Masturbation Monday post that’s been published on your site and follows all the rules can participate.
  • Any piece published from the beginning of Masturbation Monday to the current week can be submitted for an upcoming podcast episode.
  • Authors who published excerpts under the old rules are allowed to submit their piece but priority will be given to original, non-excerpt pieces first.
  • You may submit as many pieces as you want over time but only submit two to three forms at one time
  • Make sure you completely fill out the form for each piece. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • Flash fiction pieces (500 words or less) are allowed. We may read multiple flash fiction pieces by multiple authors in a single episode if we get enough.
To submit your piece for an upcoming podcast, fill out this Google Form
Got questions? Email kaylalords at gmail dot com or hit either of us up on Twitter (@KaylaLords or @SouthernSirsPl)