Send Me a Selfie by Posy Churchgate

Posy Churchgate seems to still consider herself a newbie sex blogger, but over the past year or so since I’ve met her, she’s grown by leaps and bounds. When she’s not experimenting with new ways to write, she’s sharing both her memories of love and lust and her fantasies. She’s also a warm, caring person who adds so much kindness and cheer to the sex blogging community. We are so excited to have her story on the podcast!

In this episode:

  • John Brownstone reads Send Me a Selfie by Posy Churchgate.
  • Originally published during Masturbation Monday Week 178.
  • Follow Posy Churchgate for sexy stories and plenty of smut.

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Masturbation Monday Week 178

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2 thoughts on “Send Me a Selfie by Posy Churchgate

  1. Such a kind and supportive intro – thanks Kayla. I loved writing this fantasy tale which gained a new dimension on hearing John Brownstone read it.

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