Sports Car by Posy Churchgate MM017

Posy Churchgate writes both thrilling erotic fantasies, but she also writes about her own life and, more recently, her explorations into kink. Whether she’s letting her imagination run wild or she’s re-living a specific moment in time, she always manages to turn me on and catch my attention.

In this episode:

  • John Brownstone reads Sports Car by Posy Churchgate.
  • Originally published on Masturbation Monday week 185.
  • Follow Posy for erotic explorations and tales!

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Masturbation Monday Week 185

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3 thoughts on “Sports Car by Posy Churchgate MM017

  1. I loved o you read it John Brownstone! Thanks you guys for picking my story, it gives it another facet to hear it read aloud, and by a male voice.

    1. Thanks for submitting your story! We’ve got another by you waiting in the wings, but feel free to submit more!

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