Weekly Roundup Rules

We are so happy you’ve agreed to do the Masturbation Monday weekly roundup!

When the roundup began, we had great intentions – highlighting good smut and promoting bloggers to readers in another way. But it quickly overwhelmed us both. By agreeing, you’re not only helping your fellow writer/blogger/smutty person — you’re helping us and Masturbation Monday!

Everyone enjoys different things, and we want to highlight that, as well. What we may like, you might hate, and if you’ve ever wondered, “Why did they pick that?!” here’s your chance to share the posts you love best during the week.

Masturbation Monday began as an effort to help fellow bloggers find new readers and help fellow readers of smut find new writers to enjoy. And since 2014, it’s done that every single week. Everyone who participates, at any level, helps make that a reality. Thank you!

Okay, so how does the weekly roundup work?

Masturbation Monday Weekly Roundup Rules

  • Read through all of the posts for your week.
  • Pick your three favorite posts, not including your own if you’ve participated.
  • Write 2-3 sentences describing what you liked, what spoke to you, and/or what struck you as good or interesting.
  • Include the direct URL to each of your picks.
  • Write a short intro paragraph, 2-3 sentences is fine. Feel free to read any past roundup to get an idea of what to say.
  • While you can’t choose yourself, please feel free to participate in Masturbation Monday during your week.
  • A link to your blog and preferred social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will be included in the post. If you don’t care which one, we’ll use Twitter.
  • Send us your picks and intro by Thursday after your assigned Masturbation Monday. You can write it as a separate document (Word or Google Doc only) or in the body of an email. Send it to kaylalords at gmail.

Thank you so much!!